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One Life to Live Recap: Celibacy Blues

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Cole: Starr, I’m breaking up with you.

Starr wants to believe that Cole will receive a suspended sentence. They thank Tea for taking the case. Tea and Nora are surprised by their delight in seeing each other, never expecting as much. The sentencing hearing gets underway.

Cole pleads guilty, but Tea argues mitigating circumstances and emotional strife. Tea asks that the charges be dropped, and when that fails, she argues for a lesser sentence, pointing out that Cole has done the right thing by taking full responsibility. The judge reminds the court that this is Cole’s third strike, but Nora says that the D.A.’s office is willing to consider extenuating circumstances.

The judge decides that the court cannot condone vigilante violence, nor can it excuse Cole’s established record. The judge is sympathetic, however, and issues the minimum sentence: ten years in Statesville. Tea vows to Cole that she will file an appeal and Nora apologizes, but Cole thanks them for all of their efforts. Nora and Tea try to reassure Marty, but Marty needs time alone to figure out how to say goodbye to her son.

Starr and Cole return to La Boulaie to allow Cole to say goodbye to Hope, but Cole wants to deal with him and Starr first. Cole breaks up with Starr.

Marty is spiteful toward John, hinting at Natalie not being truthful with him regarding her doctor’s appointment. Marty accuses John of turning his back on Cole in favor of Natalie. John is irritated that Marty is playing games with him. John pledges to have Cole’s safety monitored in prison, but Marty spits that John has done enough. Marty reveals to a surprised John that Natalie had an amniocentesis.

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Natalie and Jessica are having a movie marathon day to keep Jess distracted. Natalie tells Jess about Marty’s vendetta, and while both are sympathetic to Marty’s situation, Jessica assures Natalie that Nat was just doing her job. Jess thinks that Marty’s ire will pass, but Natalie reveals to a shocked Jessica that Marty slapped a pregnant Natalie.

Jessica worries that she’ll lose Brody should the results not be ideal, but Nat insists that won’t happen. Jessica gushes that Natalie is the best sister before going to lie down. Later, Natalie confides in Brody that she feels like a hypocrite and a liar. John bursts in and asks Natalie point-blank if she had an amniocentesis.

Rex and Brody talk in the steam room, and Rex sympathizes with Brody and Jessica’s ordeal. Brody worries that he and Jessica won’t get the answer they want. Rex reveals that he and Gigi aren’t having sex. Their trust was broken when he acted like a creep and slept with her sister. Rex assures Brody that both couples will survive.

Rex and Gigi touch base, missing each other, and he fills her in on Echo. Adriana welcomes Cristian to Paris, but ducks away when she spots Gigi. After hijacking her waiter and ordering for her in French, Adriana sits down with Gigi and a bitchy tête-à-tête ensues.

Adriana delights in telling Gigi that she and Rex shared a kiss in February, and that Rex and Gigi’s reunion is all thanks to Adriana encouraging Rex to fight for Gigi. Gigi is mortified when Adriana taunts her about her non-existent sex life. Gigi demands answers, and Adriana is keen to boast that she and Rex have become great friends and talk all the time. Adriana decides she’s done with Gigi and tells Gigi to enjoy the frog legs.

Cristian and Layla reunite when Layla runs into his arms. She apologizes for canceling her trip to Llanview, but her career is flourishing. Cristian and Layla both have hated their separation, which is why Gigi will be responsible for work while Cristian and Layla reconnect. Before they can retire to Cristian’s room, Adriana apologizes that their “reunion has to end before it starts.”

Kelly chats with Adriana, who says that she has a lover who Kelly knows: the guy who tied up Adriana when Kelly and David were in Paris. Dorian brings Kelly a handsome masseuse named Wyatt, wanting Kelly to de-stress. Kelly is offended, especially so when Dorian asks how long it’s been since Kelly has had sex.

Dorian determines that it’s been “eons”, and she goes so far as to suggest that Kelly bring Wyatt to the party. Kelly finds Rent-A-Dates to be humiliating and refuses. Wyatt asks for a chance, and Kelly gives in briefly before freaking out and deciding she’s done. Dorian stops Wyatt before he can leave, requesting his services for herself.

Gigi calls and blasts Rex for saying anything at all about their sex life to Adriana. Kelly enters the steam room and shares an awkward glance with Rex.