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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky wakes up to find Siobhan leaving. He asks her to stay, not only for him but also to protect her from the threat from the Balkan. Lucky tells her he cares about her and she agrees to stay, but wants to do things her way. As Nikolas arrives, Siobhan leaves to find herself a job.

Nikolas is concerned at how fast Lucky is moving with Siobhan and lets him know that he thinks Lucky is rebounding. He also lets Lucky know that he spoke with Laura, and told her about the Spencer house fire. He says that Laura wants some pictures, which Lucky promises to find for her.

Tracy, Luke, Ethan and Maya wake up, hungover, in a Las Vegas hotel room, all wondering what happened the night before. Luke finds a marriage certificate claiming that Ethan and Maya are married, which neither believe. Luke has the reverend come by the room to confirm who got married, and he admits it was Ethan and Maya.

Carly pays Johnny a visit. She asks him for help finding one of the 4 cops that worked with Dante in 2007, who is now working for one of Johnny’s companies. Carly tells him that Brenda and Dante are hiding something, which will affect Jason. Johnny promises to look into it and to set up a meeting for her.

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Dante stops by the penthouse to see how Brenda is and Jason confronts him about what Brenda told him. Jason’s angry that Dante covered a crime for Brenda when he couldn’t do the same for Michael. But Dante says he was trying to save Michael from living with the guilt of a cover up.

Jax asks Olivia to check with Dante about Brenda. She tells him to ask Brenda himself, but he doesn't want to piss off Carly. Olivia stops by Johnny's for dinner, but he has a meeting and tells her he'll be back in an hour. Carly tells Jax that she has info on Brenda, but he doesn't want to hear it.

Johnny heads over to the Metrocourt to let Carly know that he's set up a meeting with the former police officer, but refuses to let her go by herself. Olivia and Jax watch from the sidelines.

Siobhan shows up at Jake's, looking for a job and Coleman hires her. Maxie pops into the bar and chats up Siobhan, who speaks highly of the new man in her life. Maxie is shocked when she finds out it's Lucky.

Maxie heads over to Lucky's to question who Siobhan is. When Lucky admits to his relationship, Maxie wonders when he had time to get with her, considering the flirting they've been doing. Lucky heads over to the bar for some cute time with Siobhan.

Jason has Suzanne come by to find out more information about Brenda, but Suzanne doesn`t have much new to tell. She met Brenda in 2007 and started working with her, but Brenda wasn`t forthcoming with information. Suzanne feels she doesn`t really know anything about her or what else she might be hiding.

Sam stops by Dante's to go over the shootout and what went wrong. Dante's not giving her any info and she's angry that Jason`s risking his life for Brenda's secrets. She wonders why Jason is the only one protecting. Dante tells her that when you become protector, you do it to the end.

Sam goes home, upset that their lives have been turned upside down to protect Brenda. She wants someone else to have to do the protecting, but Jason tells her he needs to see this through. He says he got some information from Brenda, but when Sam asks, he says he can't share it with her.