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One Life to Live Recap: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

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Starr: I know that there were rough times, but... that’s not what I remember.

Cole tells Starr that their relationship is over, reminding her that she has her entire life to live. He knows that there is someone (James) who cares about her, and who she cares about in return, and she'll be safe. Langston and Markko arrive, and Cole asks Langston to take care of Starr. Markko blames himself for Cole's predicament, believing that things would have been different had he not left for California. Markko's presence wouldn't have changed Cole’s circumstances, and Cole asks Markko to promise that he will strive for great success.

Cole shares a tearful goodbye with Hope and apologizes to Starr for all of their difficulties, but Starr chooses to remember the good times. A montage of Starr and Cole's happy times honors their history. Starr, Cole, and Hope share a family hug as John arrives. It’s time to leave. Meanwhile, Langston and Markko say their own goodbye; he’s returning to UCLA. She returns the key to his house that he once gave her, and although Markko wants Langston to keep it as a reminder, Langston insists that she will never forget.

Cole and Starr are at a loss as to how to say goodbye. Cole wishes for Starr to be happy and okay, and he kisses her forehead. As Cole and John walk out the door, he gestures a sign of love, and Starr whispers, "Love you too." Cole Thornhart is gone.

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John demands answers, ordering Natalie to shut up when she tries to deflect. Natalie confirms that she had an amniocentesis. John is beside himself, and when Brody places a hand on John's shoulder and suggests that he calm down, John snaps at Brody. Brody defends Natalie as family and as a pregnant woman. Natalie suggests that she and John speak privately, and John snidely quips that Brody should go get cookies.

John accuses Natalie of being deceptive, but Natalie tells John that she kept the truth from him because she didn't want to worry him because he recently lost a baby. John says that he always wants to be included because he and Natalie are a team. Natalie kids, "Can we have uniforms?" John has to leave to pick up Marty and Cole; he's taking Cole to Statesville personally. Later, Brody returns and asks Natalie if she and John are okay, but Natalie worries that they are no better than okay.

The steam room door is jammed, and when Rex tries to help Kelly release it, Kelly knocks him over and Rex drops his towel. Rex covers himself and opens the door, but Kelly stays to chat. Rex tells her about confiding in Adriana, and Kelly reads him the riot act. Rex and Kelly discuss who’s been deprived of sex longer. Kelly tells Rex that Dorian hired a masseur for her. They agree that Wyatt was “totally a hooker.” Rex plans to grovel to Gigi, but Kelly advises him to wait to do so until he’s not naked with another woman. Rex offers to escort Kelly to the party.

Gigi blurts her issues with Rex to a waiter, who understands enough English to determine that she and Rex are doomed. Adriana tells Layla that they are needed in Milan for work, which upsets Cristian. Adriana gives them time alone, using it to taunt Gigi about Rex, until Gigi decks Adriana. Layla tries to impress on Cristian that Milan is the chance of a lifetime. Cristian questions whether or not Layla’s life includes him.

Adriana and Gigi get into a screaming match, but Cristian, Layla, and others pull them apart. Layla tells Adriana that she has to bow out of Milan, but Adriana points out that Layla will be sacrificing her entire career. Layla chooses her career over Cristian, but assures Cristian that she will come to Llanview as soon as possible. Gigi and Cristian drown their sorrows, until Cristian suggests having dinner at the Eiffel Tower.

Eddie wakes up and insists on bonding time with his boys. He demands respect. Inez and Nate arrive with food for Ford, but Ford and James try to get them to leave quickly. Eddie comes out from the bathroom, sees Inez, and insists that “the whore” be invited in. Ford needles Inez, accusing her of robbing the cradle with Nate. Inez slaps Ford and blurts that Nathaniel is their son.

Eddie believes that Nate's father could be anyone, but Inez vows that she was too terrified to cheat. Inez protectively orders Eddie to leave the boys alone. She wants to take James and Ford with her, but they need to stay and deal with Eddie to prevent him from sending James to jail. Inez will talk to Bo, but Ford and James can handle Eddie, and they ask her and Nate to stay away for their own protection.