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Days of Our Lives' 45th Anniversary Heavily Touted by The Hollywood Reporter

The 45th anniversary of Days of Our Lives is receiving plenty of love on The Hollywood Reporter website. In addition to a photo gallery promoting Days of Our Lives 45 Years: A Celebration in Photos, there's also a review of the tome, as well as Ken Corday's memoir The Days of Our Lives: The True Story of One Family's Dream and the Untold History of Days of Our Lives


After the enthusiastic recommendations of several Daytime Confidential readers, I headed over to my local Borders to pick up a copy of A Secret in Salem, the DAYS tie-in novel by former head writer Sheri Anderson. And while usually I am not a fan of these kinds of books, Anderson's lush, Jackie Collins-esque saga, which picks up on the lives of Jarlena and Shelle in Europe, complete with references to Diddy, Rihanna and Chris Brown, is a fun, splashy, romantic read. I can't wait to finish gobbling it up this weekend!

I know I've given Corday a lot of grief over the years, but I have to say I am damn impressed with how he has managed to dig in his heels and not only keep this soap on the air, but come up with viable new revenue streams. Anderson's novel—which will have two sequels— has TV movie franchise written all over it. Here's to hoping Corday and Co. manage to keep that legendary sand from running out of the hourglass for many years to come.

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