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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam continues to be angry and frustrated with Jason for not letting her in on Brenda’s secrets. Jason says he’s trying to end things so their lives can go back to normal. Brenda interrupts, but refuses to give Sam any answers and Sam leaves the apartment in frustration. Brenda tells Jason to go after her and declare his love. Jason wants her to tell him more about Alexander, but Spinelli arrives and talk comes around to his relationship with Maxie. Brenda tells him if he cares for her, that he should try harder to get her back and Spinelli wonders what Jason thinks. Jason couldn’t care less, but tells Spinelli to go after her if that’s what he wants.

When Michael comes home, Dante questions whether he saw Lulu earlier and admits to Michael that he lied to Lulu about knowing Brenda and how close they got in 2007. Michael wonders why he felt the need to lie to Lulu.

Claire has Sonny’s release papers as she heads off to her meeting with Internal Affairs. Ronnie is angry with Sonny for causing Claire so many problems. Dante shows up and Ronnie gives him the paperwork to release Sonny. Sonny asks Dante to look into the IA investigation against Claire and asks if he can talk to someone, but Dante reminds him that he’s also compromised, since he’s Sonny’s son. Dante tells Sonny that he should stay away from Claire.

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Patrick stops by Robin’s hospital room with news about Emma and a picture she drew for her mom. Maxie runs into Lisa and tears a strip off of her for setting the fire. Mac has the results of the investigation, which are inconclusive. Maxie’s angry that Lisa’s going to get away with it, until she finds out the fire was started by a candle. She remembers that she was lighting the candles for Liz’s boys and realizes that Lisa was not responsible for setting the fire.

Jax pops by Johnny’s to tell him to stay away from Carly, that she’s flirting with him because of Jax’ interest in Brenda. Olivia tells Carly to stay away from Johnny, but Carly’s not dissuaded so easily and she tells her she can have drinks with whomever she wants. Johnny lets Carly know that her meeting is set and Carly tells him about Olivia’s concerns. Olivia herself arrives and disses Johnny for not realizing Carly’s only using him.

The Vegas group discuss with the reverend what happened the night before. Luke and Tracy were too drunk to say any vows, so Ethan and Maya said them for them, thereby ending up married. Methan decide to look into an annulment.

Lulu stops by the apartment, and runs into Michael, who’s packing to spend the night at Carly’s. Lulu wonders if Michael knows the truth about Dante and Brenda and Michael admits that Dante told him. Lulu thinks Brenda’s forgotten that Dante was one of the cops that guarded her. Michael, uncomfortably, doesn’t dispute that.

Brenda decides that she needs to let Dante know that Jason knows the truth, despite Jason telling her that he and Dante already had that conversation, so she takes off to find Dante. Jason finds Dante first, on the docks, having another flashback from 2007. Brenda shows up at Dante’s, where Lulu questions whether or not she remembers Dante from way back when.

Mac lets Lisa know that she wasn’t the one that caused the fire and Lisa angrily tells the group not to point fingers until they have proof. Robin assures her that just because she didn’t set the fire doesn’t mean she didn’t do all the other horrible things. Lisa tells Mac, Patrick and Maxie that they need to give Robin the help she needs.

Robin has a nightmare of being carted off to Shadybrook. She wakes up screaming to Lisa standing over her with a syringe. Now, I’m sure, tomorrow, Lisa will explain it away as needing to give Robin her medication or some such nonsense, but there is no reason for an orthopaedic surgeon to be anywhere near Robin. Why hasn’t Robin gotten a restraining order against her?