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One Life to Live Recap: Give Thanks and Praises

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Tea: Don’t take life for granted. Be grateful that you’re alive. Live every moment to the fullest. And when you are lucky enough to find someone that you love, love them with your whole heart.

Viki introduces Todd and Tea to the crowd. Todd believes that they’ve been given a second chance, and Tea calls it a miracle. Todd and Tea work the room, chatting with various guests, including Kelly and Rex whom they thank for investigating Eli. Tea makes a heartfelt speech, and Todd presents his surprise: Dani sings to Tea in front of everyone. Todd and Tea decide to abandon their guests to be alone together.

Inez interrupts Bo and Nora. Nora counters that Bo is off-duty, but Inez promises that it’s important as she pulls Bo away. “It always is,” mutters Nora. Later, Inez praises Bo and his generosity, as Nora downs her champagne. Bo steps away to get Nora a refill, and Nora takes that opportunity to tell Inez that Bo helps people because that’s the kind of man he is, and he doesn’t expect gratitude in return. Nora subtly admonishes Inez not to make more of Bo’s kindness than it actually is. During Tea’s speech, Nora kisses Bo as Inez watches.

Ford and James blast Inez for telling Bo about Eddie, but Bo offers to talk to Eddie. Inez is grateful, but the boys are not. Later, James leaves to check on Starr, Ford flirts with Langston, and Nate and Dani sneak away after he surprises Dani with a key to the Palace’s pool.

Clint directs Echo to the roof, where he explains that he only has three sons, and Rex is not included. Echo wants to know how long Clint has been aware of Rex’s parentage, and Clint reveals that he has known since Shane had cancer. He had himself tested like everyone else and that’s when he learned the truth. He had a team discreetly on stand-by should Clint’s blood be needed, but once Stacy stepped forward, Clint kept quiet. Clint informs Echo of Rex breaking into Buchanan Enterprises, and threatens to have Rex arrested for corporate espionage should Echo expose their secret.

Viki and Charlie, meanwhile, debate Echo’s whereabouts and her intentions, with Viki’s anger at Echo growing. Back in the ballroom, Echo cannot believe the cold, hard man Clint has become, noting that he wasn’t always this person. She doesn’t understand him and never will. Clint returns to Inez, apologizing for getting distracted by business.

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Destiny and Matthew discuss Destiny’s world being turned upside down. Darren harangues Destiny for not returning his phone calls, pushing him away, and hanging out with Matthew instead of him. Matthew alerts Darren to Destiny’s situation, and Darren apologizes, but questions why Destiny won’t confide in him. Matthew accuses him of making Destiny’s problems all about Darren.

Destiny reminds Shaun that he is the only person who has not lied to her, for which she is grateful, but she wonders about Charlene. Destiny is not in a party mood - she only came to support Dani - and she is going home.

Marty is searching through Vivian’s files when Vivian returns to her office. Marty explains that she was looking for paper to leave Vivian a note. Marty has a hearing regarding Hannah and she wants Vivian to speak as a character witness; Vivian readily agrees. Shaun offers his sympathy to Marty, believing that Cole should have beaten the charges. Marty, Vivian, and Shaun leave the office, but Marty quickly returns when Shaun and Vivian head to the party. Marty finds Natalie’s file and discovers that there’s a question of paternity. Marty copies the file, and heads to the party.

John promises that Marty’s vendetta won’t last forever, but he wants only the truth between him and Natalie. At the party, John is sarcastically pleased to see that Todd is acting like his old self again. Natalie greets Vivian, who notices Natalie’s anxiousness. Natalie asks for a rush on the paternity test, but Vivian assures her that the results will come in shortly. John and Natalie are surprised when Marty shows up at the party, and after asserting that saying goodbye to Cole was hell, Marty flashes a wicked smile and reveals that she has found a good coping method.

Blair comforts Starr, who is heart-broken without Cole, with macaroni and cheese, but Starr can’t eat. Blair tells Starr that she still has her entire future to look forward to and she begs Starr not to stop living her life. James arrives to check on Starr, who is burying herself in pictures of her life with Cole. Starr approaches James and kisses him without warning.

Kelly explains to Dorian that Rex is Kelly’s date for the party. Dorian orders Rex to stop talking to Adriana, and orders Kelly to stop talking to Rex. Rex tells Dorian to stay out of his business, suggesting that she get a love life of her own. Dorian gets revenge by answering the phone when Gigi calls.

Later, at the party, Dorian tells Todd and Tea that Starr is devastated, and she can’t believe that Cole was forced to pay. Todd is supportive of Cole killing Eli, but he’s even happier that Cole is out of Starr’s life. Dorian interrupts Ford and Langston’s conversation, telling Ford that Langston wants nothing to do with him. Langston says that isn’t true.

Cristian and Gigi are complaining about their love lives while drinking heavily. Gigi calls Rex, only to end up on the phone with Dorian, who says that Rex is on a date with Kelly, and Dorian hints that there is more going on than there actually is. Gigi rants to Cristian about Rex and Kelly, and believes that Cristian is lucky because he only has to contend with Layla’s career. Gigi leans in and unexpectedly kisses Cristian.

At the party, Rex is frantically searching for Echo the entire time, desperate for answers. He and Kelly eventually end up on the roof, just missing Echo, when Kelly surprises Rex by pulling him into a kiss.