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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin finds Lisa standing over her with a syringe and screams out. Patrick and Steven come running. Lisa explains that she was heading into the room next door with that patient’s medication when she heard Robin whimpering and came in to check on her. Patrick insists on testing the syringe and Steven takes it from Lisa. Robin wonders how many attempts can Lisa make on her life before someone stops her. Lisa’s angry that the men are indulging in Robin’s paranoia. Lisa claims the only thing she’s guilty of is sleeping with a married man and only wants to rebuild her life. When Steven comes back with the results, that Lisa is innocent, she tells Robin she expects an apology from her.

Claire is angry that Sonny is breaking up with her, but he doesn’t want to be responsible for her career being in the tank. She insists that she knew the risks when she hooked up with him and has not broken any rules. He tells her that he cares for her, but must let her go.

Lulu and Brenda discuss Dante and why he wouldn’t have told her the truth about guarding Brenda before. Brenda tells her that sometimes you can lose yourself in the person you love and gives herself and Sonny as an example. Lulu lets her know that Sonny is not her favourite person, because of the damage he inflicts on people. Brenda claims that Sonny isn’t perfect, but that he loves his kids.

Jason wants to know what else happened to Brenda, but Dante denies any other knowledge. Jason tells him that Brenda is fragile and has had a breakdown in the past. Dante realizes that if Brenda loses it and the truth comes out, he could lose his badge. Jason tells him they need to get their stories straight.

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Olivia warns Johnny that Carly’s using him to make Jax jealous and playing games. Johnny claims he’s only helping Carly. After they’re gone, Olivia mentions to Jax that Carly and Johnny are meeting about something, but Jax isn’t concerned, since he knows that Carly has some dirt on Brenda and is following that up.

Brenda stops by the hospital to see Robin and runs into Spencer, who’s fallen off his horse. Brenda makes him feel better and she and Nikolas make small talk. Brenda pops into Robin’s room for a very short visit and Brenda tells her not to give Lisa so much power.

Lisa confronts Steven about the way she's been treated and tells him that she’s going before the board with documented proof of Robin’s harassment of her. Steven gives Patrick the heads up, and he lets Robin know. Robin angrily says that she’s fine with the board firing her, but Patrick tells her to fight and not to let Lisa take that away from her also.

Jason meets with Sonny, who tells him that he broke things off with Claire for her own good. He asks about Brenda and her connection to the Balkan. Jason admits there’s something there, but doesn’t tell Sonny the secret.

Jax runs into Claire at the Metrocourt and tells her he knows about her Internal Affairs review and wonders if she wants help from him. She lets him know that Sonny dumped her, but that she feels he did the right thing. Jax informs her that Sonny never does the noble sacrifice and likely dumped her to focus on Brenda.

Carly and Johnny meet with Brad the ex-cop. Carly asks him about Dante and Brenda. Brad admits that Dante took double shifts and spent lots of time inside the hotel room. Carly asks about a sexual relationship and Brad says he believed it to be true and that Dante never denied it.

Dante comes home to find Lulu packing her stuff. She’s upset that she’s becoming the clingy girlfriend, jealous of his previous life. He makes her feel better and they kiss. Dante heads over to talk to Brenda and she says he saved her in 2007. He tells her he won’t walk away from her and says there’s more connecting them than Alexander’s death.

Brenda interrupts him and tearfully says that she doesn’t want to talk about the baby.