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One Life to Live Recap: Bad Romance

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Echo: You’re right, Viki. I am Rex Balsom’s mother.

Viki and Charlie demand answers from Echo, but she has to work and she blows them off. Viki is certain that Echo is probably Rex’s mother, and while Charlie wants Viki to ease up, Viki knows that no one can hide from the truth.

As Bo and Nora dance, Bo apologizes for leaving her earlier to talk with Inez. Bo explains that Eddie Ford is in Llanview, and Inez is worried for her children. Bo senses Nora’s tension, but he assures her that he will always come home to her. They joke and flirt as Clint watches. Inez tells Clint about Eddie and Bo reveals that Inez asked for his help. Clint wonders why Inez didn’t come to him, and the brothers begin to bicker as Nora overhears.

Viki runs through an inventory of all of the puzzle pieces regarding Rex’s parentage and Echo’s involvement, but Echo remains quiet. Inez thanks Bo and Clint, and calls it a night. A snarky Nora approaches, instructing the brothers to “play nice; there’s plenty of Inez to go around.”

Attentions shift when Echo raises her voice. Echo accuses Viki of harassing her, but Viki tells Bo that Echo has information on Rex’s parents. Bo is intrigued and questions Echo, but Bo and Nora are taken aback when Clint defends Echo. As Rex enters the ballroom, Echo finally blurts the truth to everyone: she’s Rex’s mother.

Kelly is outraged by the kiss with Rex, and Rex profusely apologizes. He’s distracted by Echo, and he’s concerned that “stubborn and impulsive” Gigi is having fun with Frenchmen out of spite. Kelly believes that she’s lost her spark, but Rex thinks that she’s simply lonely.

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Kelly asserts that her love life has gone downhill since Joey Buchanan. Rex grimaces, remembering his history with Joey and Jen Rappaport, but Kelly details her own history with Joey. Rex is surprised that Joey was once involved with Dorian. Rex encourages Kelly to reconnect with Joey. They laugh about their kiss and decide that they are good friends. Once alone, Kelly calls Joey.

Gigi and Cristian are consumed by their kiss until a waiter bumps into them. Cristian propositions Gigi, not wanting to waste the suite for which he paid a fortune. Cristian and Gigi stay in the restaurant and commiserate over their romantic woes. Ultimately, Gigi declines Cristian’s offer and they both realize that they dodged a bullet. Cristian calls Layla and leaves her a message, declaring his love for her.

Dorian claims that Langston made a vow to the family that Langston was through with Ford. Langston discounts Dorian’s assertion, but Dorian accuses Ford of slipping something into Langston’s drink. Ford is outraged, and he threatens Dorian. Dorian assures Ford that he is no match for her, declaring that she could have her guards break his jaw with one punch. Langston believes that Dorian was responsible for Ford’s beating, but Ford defends Dorian.

Dorian is called away as Ford wonders about Langston’s feelings for him, but Langston says that they never had a relationship; it was just sex. Ford wants a chance to prove Langston wrong, and in parting, he kisses her forehead as a sign of good faith.

Starr manhandles James, but James puts a stop to it. Starr is nowhere near ready. Starr accuses James of being uninterested, but James assures her that he does want her, just not under these circumstances. Starr screams that she wants her previous life back and orders James to leave.

She eventually apologizes, and admits that she’s so angry at Cole for making a mess of their lives. She wants to hate him for his stupid actions, but she can’t because she loves him so much. She wishes that Cole had thought of their life together before he killed a defenseless man. Starr is heart-broken that she’s now alone.

Marty can prove to John that “Miss Honesty” is a liar, and she unveils Natalie’s medical records. Natalie is furious, but Marty bluffs that the records were delivered to her office by mistake. John and Natalie discussed her amniocentesis, and it’s not an issue for them. John defends Natalie, asserting that Cole’s sentence is not Natalie’s fault. John points out to Marty that the forensics lab would have matched Cole’s prints if Natalie hadn’t. John believes that Marty has been pushed to her limit, and that her vindictiveness isn’t indicative of her character.

Before Marty leaves, Natalie grabs Marty’s arm and orders her to stay out of Natalie’s business. At John’s apartment, Natalie is upset that Marty ruined their night, but John kisses her and promises that Marty did nothing of the kind. Marty sits alone and vows to make Natalie pay, drawing the mistaken conclusion that Natalie cheated on John.