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Days of Our Lives: EJ Finds Out Sami Shot Him!

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Chad decides to have a showdown with The Phoenix about Stefano being his father. Kate attempts to talk Chad out of his quest to get the truth, but Chad is hellbent on learning everything. Chad decides to get a blood sample from Stefano.

Jennifer/Carly: The two talk about Hope and also solidify their friendship.

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Stephanie: She has a showdown with Caroline.

Philip: He starts to crave being a father.

Maggie: The Widow Horton starts to crack in the crypt.

Brady: Mr. Black's conscience makes him dream about his late mother.

Nicole/EJ/Sami/Rafe: Things start to look up for Mr. DiMera when Nicole presents him with Sami's confession. EJ debates whether to  keep quiet or send the love of his life to jail. Nicole tells EJ she will give him the tape if he lets her see Sydney. Later, EJ has a heated confrontation with Rafe and Sami, armed with the tape. EJ tells the couple he will keep quiet if Sami gives up custody of both Johnny and Sydney. He gives Sami 24 hours to think about his ultimatium, warning he will send not only her, but Rafe and Will to prison.