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One Life to Live Spoilers: Dorian and Viki Team Up!


DNA tests, a cougar on the prowl and a drunk woman turn things upside down in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy gossip for the week of November 15.

Ford walks into his apartment and sees his father has purchased the services of a prostitute for the night. Ford is extremely unhappy about the situation. This incident leads to Bo telling Eddie if he stays in Llanview permanently, he will make his life a living hell.


In the meantime, things between Ford and Langston are coming along quite nicely. Langston finally tells Blair about her new relationship with Ford. Later, Ford and Langston go on a date and Blair puts the moves on him. Langston can't believe Blair and leaves with Ford. Langston tells Ford their current relationship will not include sex any time soon. Will Blair try to come between Ford and Langston?

Todd/Tea/Greg/Destiny: Todd sneaks away from Tea to see Greg get sentenced. Greg receives his sentence as Destiny discovers the truth about her mother's death and Greg's involvement in the crime. Later, Destiny pays Tea a visit. She wants to divorce her parents. Will Tea take on Destiny's case?

Echo confesses to Rex and everyone at the party that she is Rex's biological mother. Rex is shocked by the news and orders Echo to tell him who his father is. Echo tells him the truth. Dorian can't resist getting in on the action and accuses Clint of being Rex's father. Clint denies it, but that isn't enough for Dorian. Dorian attempts to break into Clint's secret drawer to get the proof she needs to confirm her suspicions. Dorian trips the alarm and Matthew catches her. Dorian quickly makes something up and leaves. Dorian teams up with Viki and discovers that Clint was the one who made up the Rick and Lili letters and put Rex on a false trail.

Later, Charlie, Echo and Clint decide to have a DNA test to find out who is Rex's father. At the clinic, Charlie and Echo share a sweet memory about Rex. Rex chooses not to have a DNA test, while Clint manages to get a key card to the DNA clinic. Soon after, Viki has it out with Clint about his deceptions and says she thinks he is Rex's father. Echo almost tells Charlie that Rex is Clint's son, but Viki shows up. Viki gives Echo her half of the heart necklace. Everyone gathers to find out exactly who Rex's father is. Will Charlie or Clint be Rex's father?

Kelly has too much to drink and embarrasses herself by sending revealing text messages to Joey. The next morning she is horrified by her actions. In an effort to rectify the situation, Kelly decides to go to London and tell Joey how she truly feels about him. She arrives in London only to find Kevin instead of Joey. Will Kelly tell Kevin the real reason she is in London?

Instead of taking advantage of Starr in her fragile state, James tries his hardest to comfort her. Will James and Starr's relationship blossom into something more?

Nora and Inez have it out over Bo. Bo walks in on their fight and tries to figure out what is going on. The two ladies stop fighting for the time being and Inez leaves. Later, Inez receives a necklace from Clint. Will Bo be able to handle Nora and Inez?

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Marty/Natalie/Brody/John: Marty finds out that she is right about Natalie getting a paternity test because she thinks Brody could be the father of her baby. Marty thinks it's time she told Jessica the news and wonders if she should show her Brody's psychiatric records as well.

Meanwhile, Natalie finds out Marty stole her amnio records from Vivian. Natalie tells Brody about Marty and he looks for her. Brody tells Marty that he will have her fired if she tells anyone about the possible paternity of Natalie's baby. Brody leaves and reports to Natalie that he took care of Marty. However, Brody doesn't know that Marty called the DNA lab pretending to be Natalie trying to find out the results. Jessica, Brody, and Natalie open the results of their respective DNA tests as Todd pays Marty a visit. He wants her to sign over her rights where Hope is concerned. Will the paternity results cause chaos between the Buchanan girls?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (November 22nd):

  • Roxy throws Echo out of the hotel.
  • Eddie makes a splash at the Cramer Thanksgiving .
  • Joey returns to Llanview.
  • Todd gets a court order barring Marty from seeing Hope.
  • Matthew becomes aware of Clint's deceptions.
  • Marty gets her hands on Natalie's paternity test results.