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General Hospital: Perkie' s Observations

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Claire believes that Jax is questioning her relationship with Sonny only because he’s interested in Brenda. Claire wonders if he’s trying to save Brenda from Sonny or the Balkan, and he says he wants to protect her from Sonny. Claire claims Sonny has always been honest to her, and Jax reminds her of the bail jumping and the car bombing.

Brad tells Carly that Dante and Brenda got very close and Carly assumes that the two slept together. On the way home, Carly is practically glowing with the information since she knows Sonny will flip when he hears and even Jax will be upset by it. Johnny wonders why Sonny would care, since it was before he knew of Dante’s existence, but Carly’s sure this is her early Christmas present. Johnny asks her not to let Olivia know that he had a hand in finding out the truth about Dante’s lies.

Sonny demands to know Brenda’s secret but Jason’s not giving up her confidences. Sonny summons Suzanne and they argue about who’s worse for Brenda. Sonny wants to know all the dangerous things Suzanne has pulled Brenda into and Suzanne lets him know that he’s the biggest danger to Brenda. Suzanne is disgusted at Sonny’s way of life, even though he insists that he doesn’t exploit children, have drugs in his territory or underaged girls at his clubs. Sonny insists that he didn’t know how fragile Brenda was and Suzanne tells him to stay away from her.

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Brenda doesn’t want Sonny to know about the baby, and I wonder why it would matter if he knew that she was pregnant during the years they were nothing to each other. Dante tells her he’ll continue to protect her and is waiting for the next move from the Balkan. Spinelli comes home and it’s clear there’s no love lost between him and Dante. After Dante leaves, Spin lets Brenda know his version of how evil Dante sent Michael to prison and she’s surprised by the story. When Jason comes home and she questions him about it, he blames himself for all the bad in Michael’s life.

Methan continue to party, while Luke and Tracy continue to search for a lawyer to perform an annulment. After winning big and drinking bigger, Maya’s ready to sleep with Ethan. Lacey and the lawyer find them in bed and they wonder if they can still have their annulment.

Coleman hits on Siobhan, who continues to turn him down. Olivia arrives and proceeds to complain to Coleman about Carly’s intentions towards Johnny. Lulu shows up and makes small talk with Siobhan, enough to find out that Dante is still in the line of fire, guarding Brenda. Dante arrives, says hello to his mother and asks Lulu if she’s ready to go home, but she wants to go back to her place and be alone, because what Brenda said about losing herself in a man has struck a cord.

Jax stops by the penthouse and warns Brenda to watch her back around Carly, because she’s been digging in Brenda’s past.

Jason stops by Jake’s to get more information from Siobhan. She remembers that the Balkan wanted Brenda alive in order to ask her something and someone mentioned a man named Jack. (I’m guessing that’s really Jacks, as in Jerry)

Olivia’s angry at Johnny for his involvement with Carly and he tells her that he was only doing a favour for Carly. Olivia insists on knowing exactly what it was.

Carly stops by Dante’s and says she wants to chat with him about his past with Brenda.