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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Joins The Q's For Thanksgiving Pizza!

Here’s the Scoop!

Jillian Bowe wanted to know… so we’re kicking off with crazy Lisa and the Scrubs stuff. Is Johnny blackmailing Dr. Niles? Apparently, he’ll be holding the pesky little syringe over the doc’s proverbial head and Lisa doesn’t like it one bit. Dr. Niles is the one who winds up on probation this time around despite Matt and Patrick believing Maxie framed her. Can Lisa pull one over on the Mob Prince? No way! Johnny has been trained by the best and has been up against crazier peeps than Lisa Niles. Look for Matt’s doubt to cause problems for his and Maxie's relationship, while Patrick and Robin's gets better.

Sonny and Brenda giving into passion… not what some of you may have thought or hoped for. It’s just a hot kiss. Come on already, Guza, this is taking way too long to unravel. Brenda will tell Sonny some of her secrets and she finally agrees to give the Godfather another shot by saying yes to a date. I am hearing that Brenda and Sonny will hit the sheets — eventually.


Tracy gets some bling… it looks like Luke is putting a ring on it!

Thanksgiving… Quartermaine style with a little Spencer on the side. The Q’s gather round, as the Spencers join in and even Michael attends with a guest, Dante. Edward seems smitten when he meets Siobhan and it’s pizza for everyone. The Scorpios and Davis clans team up for Turkey Day with Mac and Alexis’s children setting them up once again.

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Turkey Day re-run… Brenda’s return to PC. No, not one the “classics,” the one that just happened last month. Really? I mean, really?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Molly and Spinelli plan a romantic night for Sam and Jason. Wasn’t this done before too? Claire wants to become a defense attorney and join up with Diane and Alexis. Isn’t Lucky’s cover blown? Then why does Interpol have another assignment for him that relates to Ronan O’Reilly? Who is stalking Sam McCall? Carly wants Spinelli to keep digging into Brenda and Dante's past. Lisa has a confession and it’s online for all of GH to see, which they do. Will Sam accept Jason’s offer to move in? Luke wants Carly to back off Lulu and both he and Tracy tell Lulu not to trust Dante. Robin and Lisa have a confrontation over her confession. What is Jason rescuing Sam from now? Lulu is asked to be Tracy’s maid of honor. Jax is determined to protect his onetime love. Robin is not open to marriage counseling. Is there more story on Lisa? RUMOR has it there is. Robin connects with a new patient who isn’t all that nice to anyone else. Is there more to The Balkan story? Did Dante and Brenda do more than just kill his son? More Michael and Abby? What will Carly think of her son’s friend?