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One Life to Live Recap: Father Figure

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Bo: If Charlie is Balsom’s father, why would you bring him all the way back to Clint’s hometown and dump him?


When Rex questions what he just overheard, Dorian reiterates Echo’s reveal that Echo is his mother. Echo asks to speak to Rex privately, but he demands the truth immediately. Dorian is intrigued as Echo reveals the history of the pendant. Rex has no sympathy for Echo, believing that if she had his best interests in mind, she would have left him with his father. Rex questions who that may be.

Dorian jokes that a number of options exist, and while Echo tries to deflect, Viki insists that Echo opened the door to all the questions. Viki reveals that Charlie is an option, and the group feels that the timing is right, especially when Viki introduces the date of the speeding ticket as evidence. Nora asks Echo to take pity on Rex and she obliges, naming Charlie as Rex’s father. Both Charlie and Rex are at a loss. Bo and Nora want to take Rex home with them, but Rex needs answers; so does Bo. Bo then positions Clint as another candidate.

Rex is vehemently opposed to that idea. Bo demands to know why Echo would leave Rex in a place to which he was completely unconnected. Clint chimes in that Echo planned to pass Rex off as Clint’s child, but she lost her nerve. Echo corroborates Clint’s story, but Viki remains unsatisfied. Dorian champions Viki, but Bo and Rex yell at her for treating Rex’s life like a game. Viki suggests a D.N.A. test for all parties involved.

Rex wants answers, and Echo cooperates, so Bo and Nora plan to schedule the test for the following day. Dorian wants to know what time, but Viki says Dorian isn’t invited. As Dorian leaves, she delights in hearing about who “wins the Rex sweepstakes.” Nora takes Rex’s hand and as she and Bo take him home, Charlie apologizes for Rex’s ordeal.

Echo lags behind, scared when Clint grabs her and threatens her for saying anything at all. Echo taunts Clint that following the paternity tests, Rex can no longer be denied. Unbeknownst to them, Dorian watches and listens with interest.

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Kelly leaves a series of drunken, embarrassing voicemails for Joey. She blurts that she has kissed Rex and seen him naked. She wistfully remembers her and Joey’s relationship and their lack of drama, revealing that she still loves him. Kelly storms into La Boulaie, shoving her phone at Blair and ordering Blair to keep the phone away from Kelly... “unless Joey calls.”

Langston is texting Ford and sighing happily when Blair startles her. Langston lies, saying she is talking to a professor about a project in the works. Blair informs Langston that James is visiting Starr. Blair believes that James might be good for Starr, and different from his brother. Langston defends Ford and his evolution, but Blair insists that he lies, cheats, and uses people.

Langston reveals that she is giving Ford another chance, and tells Blair about Dorian’s attempts to interfere at the party. Blair insists that Dorian was just doing what any mother would do. Langston asks for Blair’s opinion, but all Blair can say is, “good luck.” Blair wants to save her breath because she knows that Langston won’t listen. Blair is certain that Ford will revert to his old games eventually.

Ford returns home to find Eddie with a prostitute. Eddie forces Ford to pay for the woman’s services as a down payment toward what James owes. Eddie senses that Ford is falling for a woman, and when he teases him to that effect, Ford attacks Eddie. Eddie accuses Ford of being just like Eddie, telling Ford that he’s in denial. Ford insists that he’s different now and he’s open about his history, but Eddie is certain that Ford’s halo will slip eventually.

Starr is angry that she is now a single parent, which James understands, but James knows that Hope will have a much better childhood than he did. James vows to get Starr through this, beginning with tonight, and he thinks up a distraction. Starr waits in the hall as James readies his surprise, but she worries when that includes James raiding her closet.

James reveals a makeshift beach vacation at “Starr Beach”, replete with sunscreen, sunglasses, ocean sounds, and an ocean mist in the form of spray water bottle. James gets Starr to relax in her “safe place” until Hope calls for daddy over the baby monitor. Starr thanks James for everything, but tells him that it’s time for him to leave. Later, Starr assures Hope that they will make it on their own.

James returns home and Eddie teases that he’s the only Ford “who got lucky tonight.” Eddie, once again, reminds James of his debt.