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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante claims that you don’t become friends with your assignment, that no one remembers their police escort. Carly questions why Dante wouldn’t have admitted that he and Brenda knew each other or why he didn’t tell Lulu the truth. He says after the Brook fiasco, he didn’t want Lulu to be hurt again. Michael comes home and thinks Carly’s there to see him, but she just hugs him and leaves.

Dante asks Michael not to tell anyone about his feelings for Brenda. Michael says he’s good at keeping secrets, but wonders if Dante fell in love with Brenda in 2007. Dante says he thought so, but he has Lulu now and is happy.

Jason continues to question Siobhan, which she’s not happy about. Lucky shows up and Jason leaves. Siobhan thinks Jason and Brenda are in love, considering their constant bickering. Siobhan is worried about Lucky’s safety in dealing with the Balkan, but admits that she barely knows anything about him. She says that she sees something in him, and Lucky feels she sees him as others don’t. Siobhan puts money in the jukebox and they begin to dance and kiss.

Olivia warns Johnny to stay away from Carly and Johnny’s not happy with the warning. When Steven arrives, Olivia chooses to stay behind with him, and Johnny leaves. Olivia admits to Steve that she and Johnny are mismatched in every way and that she shouldn’t try to change him, but says that she’s hung onto him too long and maybe it’s time to walk away.

Jax tells Brenda that Carly is hard to control and Brenda wonders why Carly is jealous of her. Jax also mentions the fact that she’s staying with Jason, which makes Brenda think that Carly sees Jason as her property. Jax feels Carly has a good reason to be threatened by Brenda and that Carly’s dangerous. He warns her to watch herself and leaves.

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Carly storms into the penthouse, looking for Jason. Brenda’s annoyed at the interruption and snarks out Carly a little. Carly claims that she’s not a victim when no one else is around, but is a user and feels that Jax needs protection from her. Brenda tells Carly to stop looking into her past and Carly wonders if it’s because it will show that Brenda isn’t as saintly as she wants people to think. Brenda tells her that if Carly backs off, then she’ll stay away from Jax. Brenda tells her it’s not a threat, but an offer. Brenda says she doesn’t break up marriages, but feels that Jax deserves better than a cheating wife. Carly says her secrets will take her down.

Lisa runs into Patrick at Jake’s and tells her he didn’t mean to lead her on. She says they made a mistake sleeping together. Patrick promises to have Robin back off. Lisa offers to act like she and Robin are best friends, if he sleeps with her again. She then laughs it off and says that she was just kidding. He tells her sex is off the table and asks, for Emma’s sake, if she can try not to get Robin fired. Lisa says she’ll think about it.

Robin lets Maxie know that Lisa is requesting a hearing to have Robin fired. Maxie promises to take care of everything, and summons Matt. He promises to talk to the board for her because he supports her, but recommends counseling – to look good to the board and so that Lisa won’t be able to manipulate her anymore. Maxie jokingly tells Robin to frame Lisa for devil worship. Patrick arrives, so Maxie and Matt head off and she thanks Matt for suggesting Robin go to therapy. Patrick tells Robin that he tried to convince Lisa not to go to the board and wants them to get together, but she reminds him that she doesn’t want them getting back together out of guilt or regret.

Ethan denies having sex, but Maya says they did. The lawyer claims they can get an annulment because they were so drunk and Tracy realizes she could have had her marriage to Luke annulled all this time. Luke’s upset that he can’t trap Tracy into another marriage and wants Ethan to fix it, but he says Luke should marry Tracy for love. Maya agrees to spend the night with Ethan, but swears she wants the marriage annulled in the morning.

Jason stops by Sam’s to apologize for keeping secrets and being preoccupied with Brenda. Sam accepts the apology and is willing to accept Brenda and his need to help her. Brenda calls Jason to come home, and lets him know that Carly needs to be stopped because, if she finds out the truth, Carly will take Brenda and Dante down.

Dante asks Lulu to come over to spend the night and, despite her assertions that she doesn’t want to be taken for granted, she does stay.

Jax catches Olivia and Steve at the bar and wonders why they’re there. Carly shows up, giddy with her day’s activities, kicks everyone out and starts to have her way with Jax.

Ending montage: Methan enjoying marital bliss, Patrick leaving Robin alone in her hospital bed, Dante leaving Lulu asleep to stare out the window, Brenda looking sad as Jason watches her and Lubhan kissing.