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One Life to Live Recap: There's Your Trouble

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Nora: What I’m saying is, I don’t see you as a threat for Bo and me, okay? I’m just... annoyed.

Nora enters Bo’s office to see Inez placing a plant on Bo’s desk. Nora’s allergic, so Inez will think of something else, but Nora says that all Bo wants is for Inez to do her job well. When Nora instructs Inez not to read into Bo’s kindness, Inez thinks that Nora’s afraid of Inez stealing Bo, but Nora scoffs. Inez assures Nora that she’s harmless, believing Bo and Nora to be “adorable together”, but wonders why Nora is so threatened. Nora is not threatened, she’s annoyed.

Nora believes that Inez’s sons are grown men and can take care of themselves, but Inez insists that Nora doesn’t know Eddie. Inez keeps pushing until Nora reveals her suspicion that Inez harbors a crush on Bo. Nora indicates that while she trusts Bo, she does not trust Inez. Inez is bewildered, and as she leaves, Nora silently berates herself.

Eddie opens the door to Bo, acting dismissively until Bo flashes his badge. Bo explains that Eddie is on his turf and he’s acting on behalf of Inez and the boys. Eddie accuses Bo of harassment, and tells him that he’s falling for Inez’s strategy: a “poor me” routine designed to snag a hero.

Bo vows to get Eddie out of Llanview, but Eddie insists that he hasn’t broken any laws. Eddie spies Bo’s wedding ring and wonders how Bo’s wife feels about Bo and Inez. Bo pledges to make Eddie’s life so miserable, he’ll regret coming to town. Once alone, Eddie calls directory assistance to ascertain Inez’s address.

Inez returns, saying Nora is right about Inez acting inappropriately, but Nora claims to have overreacted. Inez wants to remove the plant, but Nora insists that it stays. They struggle until the plant goes flying. Bo witnesses the altercation.

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Kelly is hungover when Rex arrives with coffee. Rex reveals to a shocked Kelly that Echo is Rex’s mother, and the list of potential fathers has narrowed: Charlie or Clint. Kelly wonders why Rex has so many issues with Clint. Discussion turns to Gigi and Rex says that she left him a “drunk but affectionate” voicemail, and Kelly is mortified to recall her series of messages to Joey. Rex encourages Kelly to call again and make things right, but Kelly books a flight to London instead.

Dorian shows up at B.E. and reveals that she was expecting Echo to name Clint as Rex’s father. Dorian reminds Clint that she saw him with the other half of the pendant. Dorian then asks why Echo would leave a gift from Clint with Charlie’s son. Dorian isn’t swayed when Clint claims the necklace is a gift for Inez; it’s not the same necklace, and when Clint takes a cheap shot at Dorian’s love life, Dorian is further convinced that Clint is lying. Later, Dorian sneaks back into Clint’s office, determined to find proof.

Echo apologizes to Charlie for keeping him in the dark, but she justifies it by reminding him that they were never serious. Charlie’s hopes are raised, but Echo says the test could go either way. She believes, however, that Charlie would be the better option. Charlie can’t replace Jared, but he loves the idea of another son. Viki interrupts their close moment. Clint and Rex show up, and all invested parties are now present, but suddenly Rex refuses the test.

Marty remembers all of the various exchanges between Natalie and Brody that she witnessed and the secrets Brody alluded to, piecing together that Brody is the father of Natalie's baby. Where to start?

John apologizes to Brody for losing it with both Natalie and Brody the other day. John sympathizes with Brody’s situation with Ford, but is certain that he wouldn’t be nearly as benevolent, and thankful that he doesn’t have to deal with the same scenario.

Viki details Echo’s story to Natalie and Jessica and reveals that Echo’s child is Rex. Natalie and Jessica are both elated. Natalie believes that if Charlie is Rex’s father, it may ease his grief over Jared. Impressed, Viki laughs when Natalie calls Echo “a champ of a tramp.” The girls assure Viki that Echo cannot come between Viki and Charlie.

Marty arrives and apologizes to Natalie, claiming to understand that Natalie was just trying to protect John. Natalie is suspicious, especially so when Marty alludes to the capabilities of amniocenteses. Marty visits with Jessica, who offers sympathy over Cole. Marty believes that dramatic Natalie blew Marty’s response out of proportion. Jessica defends Natalie and Marty both, but Marty prefers to discuss Brody instead.

At the station, Natalie pulls Brody to the side to tell him that Marty is on the warpath. Natalie tells Brody about Marty hijacking her amniocentesis records, but says that Marty never mentioned a paternity test. Brody wonders what Marty will do, and Nat informs Brody that Marty is currently alone with Jessica.