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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason and Spinelli continue to look for clues about the Balkan. Maxie arrives and again yells about Spinelli’s devotion to Brenda, claiming his crush to be delusional and that he’s being used. Spinelli insists Brenda is only looking for companionship and has kind words for him. Maxie kisses Spinelli and claims that the fantasy Brenda doesn’t hold a candle to the real Maxie and she storms out. Jason realizes that Spinelli played Maxie and wonders why he didn’t just tell her how he feels. But Spinelli feels Maxie will only respond if she has to fight for him. Jason claims he’s been spending too much time with Carly. Oh, if only he knew.

Siobhan and Lucky wake up together and she’s quick to head out for the day. Lucky meets Liz and the boys in the park and they make small talk. Lucky notices Aiden’s long fingers just like his, but figures he inherited them from Nikolas through Laura. After Liz leaves, Siobhan comes across the Spencer boys and enjoys some time with the kids. Liz returns and is introduced to Siobhan, who then leaves. Liz questions how Lucky knows her and doesn’t look happy with the answer. Later on, Lucky heads over to Jake’s, where Siobhan angrily blows him off.

Michael pays Carly a visit and tells her he’s worried about her. She admits that she can’t forgive Dante. Michael insists that Dante has been good to him, that he’s looking out for him and that he likes having an older brother. She claims Dante will hurt him. Michael asks her to stop whatever revenge plot she has going.

Michael goes to Jason to ask him to intervene with Carly. Jason tells him that it’s not his responsibility to police Carly and to continue to keep his nose clean. He says he’ll deal with Carly.

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Sonny questions Dante about Brenda and wonders what Dante is hiding. Dante finally admits that he guarded her in 2007 and thought she didn’t recognize him when they met at Sonny’s. Sonny wants answers, but Dante only lets on that Brenda was being guarded because she was being stalked by a guy Interpol had their eye on. Diane arrives saying that Claire filed a petition weeks ago, to allow Michael to see his father. Dante reminds Sonny that it’s not good for him to have contact,and that one slip up can cause trouble for Michael. But Sonny reminds him that Michael is his son and he will do everything to protect him. Diane tells Sonny that his relationship with Claire has gotten him some good benefits, but that he should still stay away from her.

The Vegas group get home to the Q mansion, still lamenting their various issues. Ethan carries Maya over the threshold. Maya thinks Edward will be mad to hear she’s gotten married, but Ethan says he told Lulu and asked her to break the news. Edward and Lulu show up, surprised by the marriage news. Lulu wonders why Lacy don’t admit they love each other. Luke says he wants to marry Tracy. Tracy says no prenup, no marriage. Ethan wonders if Edward has a lawyer for the annulment, but Edward waxes poetic about his affair with Mary May and then tells Methan that he’ll give them a million dollars if they stay married for a year.

Alexis and Claire are at the courthouse for a case. Alexis reminds her that she warned her against getting involved with Sonny. Claire’s angry with herself for not being able to get him off her mind and focus on her job. Alexis tells her it is possible to get over Sonny and that she’s better off without him. Sonny shows up and wonders how he can thank Claire for getting the petition filed.

Abby runs into Michael on the pier and they have small talk and exchange phone numbers. He tells her he’s worried about the Carly and Dante issue and she says she’s on Carly’s side, that Dante should have given him the benefit of the doubt rather than turn Michael in and force him to deal with prison. Michael angrily wonders what she knows about his stay in prison, but she says only what she’s seen when she’s with him.

Suzanne stops by the penthouse, where Dante is on duty, and brings up his time in the NYPD. Dante admits to her about 2007. Suzanne mentions how when she met Brenda in Africa, she was sick and delirious and calling out Dante’s name.

Jason goes to see Carly to tell her to back off her revenge against Dante, but she’s not interested in anything he says. She reminds him that Michael is damaged by what Dante did, but Jason reminds her that Michael confides in Dante and listens to him and to respect their relationship. She angrily says she hates Dante, and he accepts that, but says that she has to make sacrifices for the good of her kids and that she needs to back off.