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One Life to Live Recap: Your Secrets Keep You Sick

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Marty: It’s Natalie Banks. Do you know when you’ll have my paternity results?

Natalie runs into Vivian and explains that her file ended up on Marty’s desk by mistake, but Vivian realizes that Marty actively sought out Natalie’s record. Vivian apologizes.

Marty explains to Jessica that her files are under investigation because of the Hannah situation, and she wants to protect Brody’s record for Jessica’s sake, saying that he has secrets worth keeping. Brody enters, and blasts Marty for invading his privacy. He tells Jessica that he went to Marty for perspective, and Jessica is supportive. Marty informs Jessica that Natalie had an amnio and wonders aloud about the reason. Marty says goodbye, and Brody returns Jessica to bed-rest.

Natalie returns to Llanfair and has a heated exchange with Marty. Natalie tells Marty that she knows Marty stole her file, and Natalie vows to stop Marty. Natalie and Brody decide that Marty is trying to send them a message, and they fear what Marty will do next. At home, Marty calls the lab pretending to be Natalie.

Shaun arrives at the Palace with a gift for Tea and Todd and tells Tea about Greg’s sentencing hearing, promising that Greg will pay. After Shaun leaves, Tea suffers a headache. When Tea attempts to take some aspirin, her hand shakes and she drops the bottle. She gets emotional, realizing that her reaction was not physical; taking the pills caused her to flashback to her prescriptions from Greg.

Destiny arrives at the courthouse to see Greg “get what he deserves.” Destiny insists that she cannot trust Richard and Phylicia, but Greg begs Destiny not to blame them. Phylicia tells Destiny that she has a right to be angry, but she cannot erase their entire lives together.

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Destiny badgers Greg, as does Shaun, about Charlene’s death until he reveals that they fought and Greg hid her body. Destiny runs out of the courtroom, shocked that no one noticed Charlene’s disappearance. Destiny lands on Tea’s doorstep, asking Tea to be her lawyer as she wants to divorce her parents.

Bo questions why Nora and Inez are acting like caught burglars when he asks about the plant. Nora’s allergies go haywire, so Nora leaves for court, but promises to fill in Bo later.

Greg’s hearing gets underway, and based on Greg’s confession and cooperation, Nora informs the judge of a plea agreement: six years in Statesville, with the possibility of parole after four. Todd expresses outrage from the back of the courtroom, but the judge accepts the agreement. Todd wants to know how someone who almost killed Tea could only get six years. Todd wonders “how [Nora] sleeps at night,” but Nora just smiles.

Bo tells Inez about his conversation with Eddie, but Inez asks Bo for no further assistance. Bo wonders if Eddie got to Inez, but when Inez deflects, he asks if Nora said that Inez crossed a boundary. Inez believes that Nora’s “great”, and Bo agrees, and she assures Bo that it was just a misunderstanding. Bo pushes, and Inez reveals Nora’s belief that Inez harbors a crush as Bo explains that Eddie suggested that Bo has a crush on Inez. A package arrives for Inez: a necklace from Clint. Inez can’t accept because it’s too extravagant. Bo believes that Clint really likes Inez, and he’s delighted, but Inez looks sad.

Dorian finds Clint’s key and uses it to open the drawer, but she sets off an alarm that also locks the office door. Matthew arrives and explains that the security system is only linked to Clint’s desk, so Dorian must be an intruder. Dorian claims to have lost an earring, but Matthew is unconvinced, and Dorian marvels at how precocious he’s become. Matthew accepts a bribe, but forces Dorian to return Clint’s key. Matthew contemplates what is hidden in Clint’s desk.

Rex doesn’t want to take the D.N.A. test, but Viki promises that it’s better to know the truth than not. Charlie suggests that Echo also needs answers, and Viki can’t believe her ears. Clint offers to talk to Rex, but once they’re in private, Clint insists that he no more wants to be Rex’s father than Rex wants to be his son. Rex believes that only Natalie and Bo would make the family worthwhile; he does not want to be the son of the “Prince of Darkness.”

Viki is offended on Rex’s behalf that Echo abandoned him, but Viki and Charlie continue to have completely different opinions regarding Echo. Clint orders Rex to tell everyone that Clint tried to convince Rex to take the test, but failed. Rex complies, walks up to the group, and immediately agrees to do the test. Clint fumes, but Rex is amused. Clint gives his D.N.A. but is instructed not to bite the swab. Viki leaves, frustrated with Charlie.

When Clint returns to B.E., Matthew informs him that Dorian broke in. Clint is concerned about what Dorian found, and Matthew unveils the pendant, indicating that it is something worth hiding. At Llanfair, Dorian arrives and tells Viki that they need to discuss Clint.