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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Siobhan angrily tells Lucky that she won’t just be a roll in the hay to make Liz jealous, but Lucky assures her that he’s over Liz and it’s more than sex between them. Lucky steps out to take a call and Liz shows up, determined to tear a strip off of Siobhan for being a stranger around her boys. Liz claims that she doesn’t want her boys near danger, but Siobhan tells her her backstory and insists that she’s a simple girl. Ah Liz, I can only defend you so much. Lucky returns and is angry with Liz, but she insists that she’s just worried about him. Lucky tells Liz to stay out of his personal life and before she leaves, she wishes him well. Siobhan feels that Liz thinks she owns Lucky but Lucky again says he’s only interested in her, if she’s not to scared to be with him.

Sonny thanks Claire for getting the petition and wonders what he can do in return. They rehash their stuff. She says there are rumours she’s being reassigned, tells him that he did the right thing in breaking things off with her and tells him to follow his heart and go after Brenda.

Suzanne wonders why Dante would hide that he knew Brenda before and says that she always wondered who the mystery man was. Brenda shows up, tells Dante to leave and angrily tells Suzanne to butt out and mind her business.

Jason insists that Carly leave Dante alone, but she claims that Dante brought this on himself. When Olivia shows up, Jason leaves, but summons Carly to the penthouse later.

Patrick and Robin discuss Emma, until Lisa shows up and states that even though she told Patrick she would back off, she’s decided that someone needs to stop enabling Robin, and so she’s going to ask the board to have her fired for her own good.

Nik, Steven and Patrick stop by Robin’s room and she says she’s going to fight Lisa’s petition, even though Patrick insists she needs to get healthy first. Robin asks Nikolas to get the board to come to her, and he offers to stall the meeting, but she wants it now, to prove Lisa is a liar.

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Abby apologizes to Michael, who feels that there’s no point dwelling on prison. Abby tells him that what happened doesn’t define who he is and that he needs to talk to someone about it.

Sonny stops by Michael's to let him know that he can see him again. Michael wonders why Claire would do this for him, and also wonders why Sonny broke up with her, since she might come in handy for him, but Sonny’s got his eye on Brenda.

Luke wants Tracy to marry him, and she agrees, so long as he agrees to her terms: getting married at Christmas, at the Q mansion, with all her family and friends, with a pre-nup and Luke sober. They go in to announce their engagement to the others, and are surprised to hear Edward’s offer that Methan stayed married for a year for a million dollars. After some talk, Methan agree to it. Tracy tells them the wedding details and when Lulu asks the date, Tracy says December 21st. Lulu reminds them that it's Laura’s birthday.

When Jason gets home, Brenda wants him to get Dante off the protection detail, saying that everytime she sees him, she’s reminded that she killed Alexander. Brenda says she’ll go to Jax, but Jason tells her to back off Jax, because it drives Carly crazy, which Brenda doesn’t care about. Jason says he’ll look into removing Dante.

Dante stops by the Metrocourt, small talks his mother and then lets Carly know about the petition for Michael. She’s happy, and annoyed that he isn’t, but Dante says he doesn’t want Michael to go back to prison, which could happen if he hangs out with Sonny and the business.

Brenda pays Robin a visit and the two reminisce about their pasts, Stone and Sonny.

Olivia visits Sonny and tells him to stay away from Michael for his sake, because if something happens to Michael, Dante will never forgive Sonny and he’ll lose both his sons.

Carly shows up at the penthouse, ticked that she’s been summoned to be yelled at. She says that she wants Brenda to stay away from Jax and that she needs to leave Port Charles. Jason reminds her that Brenda has to stay until the threat has passed and wonders what Carly knows. Carly tells Jason that Brenda and Dante were lovers three years ago.