Oh Snap! Y&R's Latest Stunt Casting is Audrey From Little Shop of Horrors!

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Okay, I will so allow Maria Arena Bell a pass for her latest stunt casting on The Young and the Restless. I didn't recognize her with black hair, but Ellen Greene is also...AUDREY FROM LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!


Suddenly Seymour,

Is standing beside me,

He don't give me orders,


I am so freaking excited! I starred in an off-Broadway production (Okay, waaaay off. It was at my college in Arkansas) of Little Shop as Mr. Mushnik, and I have watched the movie version 5,789,333 times. I'm as a happy as a blood-drinking plant from outer space! Watch a clip from Little Shop of Horrors after the jump!