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One Life to Live Recap: Battle Flag

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Brody: No, Cole took a plea because he knew he was guilty. He’ll be out in 10 years, maybe less, ready to restart his life. But stealing medical records is a federal crime. How is it going to be for him when he comes home and you’re behind bars?

Natalie insists that neither she nor Brody should have ever lied to begin with, knowing that Marty will use anything to hurt her. Natalie wants to talk to Marty, but Brody dissuades her, deciding to speak to Marty himself.

John shows up at Llanfair and wonders why Natalie is looking at Brody’s psychiatric file. Natalie tells John that Marty brought it by to protect Brody’s privacy, but she cops to snooping even though it’s “kind of unethical”. John asks about Marty’s visit and Natalie maintains that everything with Marty is under control.

Brody drops by Marty's and orders her to keep quiet, reprimanding her for using privileged information. Marty asks if he’s truly been honest; has he told Jessica or John that he and Natalie slept together?

Brody presents Marty with a picture of Marty stealing private files from Vivian’s office. Brody pledges to charge Marty with a federal crime if she continues her vendetta. Brody believes that, as a therapist, Marty should know better. On his way out the door, Brody shoots some slightly more sinister threats at Marty. Brody returns to Llanfair, revealing that Marty knows everything, but he assures Natalie that he handled Marty. At her house, Marty opens the door to John, who says that he came right over when Marty said it was important.

John visits Blair at Capricorn and asks her to tell Starr that Cole is settling in okay. He asks how Blair is doing; she’s keeping busy, trying not to think about Eli. John delivers bad news: as Eli’s widow, Blair is the recipient of a safety deposit box and the contents therein.

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Cristian and Gigi assure each other that what occurred between them in Paris is a non-issue. Cristian goes to Capricorn and Blair teases him about his romantic vacation. Cristian reveals that his plans fell through, and instead, he ended up kissing and propositioning Gigi.

Blair is shocked, but asks if he is developing real feelings for Gigi. Blair encourages Cristian to focus on his career, as that’s what Layla needs to do as well. Blair decides to join a convent, but Cristian is positive that she wouldn’t last. Cristian asks about the box and Blair tells him to toss it. Cristian is skeptical.

Gigi arrives at Rex’s loft and Rex reveals that Echo is his mom, with Charlie or Clint as his father. Gigi blurts that she and Cristian kissed, but only because she was angry. Rex misunderstands a question and accidentally reveals his kiss with Kelly. Rex promises that it was a mistake and that he only wants Gigi. A kiss intensifies, and they decide not to wait anymore.

Kelly calls Rex with an update: she’s in London, taking control of her life. Kelly gives Neville a big hug before running into Kevin. Kelly hugs Kevin, but asks about Joey, and Kevin says that Joey’s been traveling for a month. Kelly lets slip that she drunkenly left seven message for Joey, and she’s there to erase them. Kevin wants to listen, but Kelly threatens to post an embarrassing photo of Kevin online.

Kevin presses play and tortures Kelly. Kevin doesn’t fault Kelly for carrying a torch for Joey, insisting that he and Kelly are friends. She should stay at the compound in London for a few days; Kelly agrees. Kevin and Kelly leave to pick up Zane as Neville answers the phone to Joey calling; he’s returning to the compound.

Dorian apprises Viki of her belief that Clint is lying, divulging that Clint is in possession of the other half of the pendant. Viki can’t imagine why, to which Dorian asks, “Is this naivete or just a lack of imagination?” There’s been a cover-up. Viki remains of the mind that Echo forged the letters, but Dorian corrects her; Clint is the one responsible because he’s Rex’s father and denying it. Dorian is invested for two reasons: she dislikes Echo and she wants to be a friend to Viki. Viki is caught off-guard, but thankful.

Matthew asks about the pendant, and Clint cryptically calls it “the key to the Buchanan fortune.” Clint explains that after an empire is built, it must be protected. Clint wants Matthew to forget that he ever saw the necklace, and Matthew agrees, so long as Clint can be trusted.

Matthew asks why Clint is so close with the Salingers/Fords, especially after how Matthew has suffered since their arrival. Clint advises Matthew to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer; he has a grand plan. Clint asks Matthew to acquire something from a man named Vimal. Clint inspects an I.D. badge as Viki enters, curious.