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Terri Conn on New Soap Home, One Life to Live: "It Looks Like a Movie!"

Terri Conn (formerly Colombino) is loving her new life to live. The former As The World Turns star released the following statement about the fictional burb of Llanview, PA:

“I was watching the show on November 15 and it really hit me how fortunate I am to be on this amazing show! It is classic soap...secrets revealed, Rex's parents, romance James and Starr on Starr Beach, comedy, Kelly's drunk dialing, and family , the fabulous Cramer girls, the Buchanans, and it looks like a movie! Everyone is so sweet and they are total pros. I'm having so much fun with my character. I just keep getting more and more excited every day! Thank you Frank Valentini and ABC for giving me a shot!”

Conn premieres as One Life to Live's Aubrey Wentworth on Monday, Nov. 29.

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