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One Life to Live Recap: Layers of Lies

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Viki: Oh, darling, of course they’re lying!

At Llanfair, Charlie confesses to Echo that he squandered his time with Jared, and he’d be honored to get a second chance through Rex. Echo believes that Charlie was her “fall guy” following Clint, but she wonders what would have happened had they become a real couple.

Viki informs Clint of Dorian’s theories, but she wants to hear Clint’s side of the story. Viki asks about the pendant as Clint pulls it from his drawer and asks, “This one?” Viki is shocked and immediately determines that Clint is Rex’s father.

Clint claims the necklace was part of his recon work surrounding Echo’s return. Clint didn’t give Echo the necklace; she’s the worst mistake he’s made. Clint can’t imagine why Echo would use a book by Clint’s ancestor to dupe Rex. Is Viki satisfied? Not entirely. Clint tells her to keep the necklace.

Clint promises Vimal a promotion if he does Clint’s bidding: use the manufactured Llanview Hospital Lab key card to make sure Rex’s paternity reads “Charlie Banks” and... something else. Later, Clint calls Echo, who’s delighted that Clint’s manipulations will soon be revealed. At the lab, Vimal signs into the system, but he’s surprised by a bright light.

Viki comes home, sees Echo, and gives her the pendant, revealing that Clint had it. Viki pointedly tells Echo that she would never take anything that doesn’t belong to her. Echo leaves, and Viki tells Charlie that she believes Clint is lying just like Echo. Viki asks why Echo paid a visit, and Charlie lies, saying Echo wanted to discuss Rex.

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Rex and Gigi have have very athletic sex for the first time since their reunion. After working up an appetite, they decide to go to Capricorn for nachos. While they eat, they discuss making up for lost time and lost sanity; no sex made them crazy, but they’re stronger for it. (Langston overhears this.) Rex and Gigi are full and they race back to the loft, where they have sex again.

Ford and Langston arrive at Capricorn for a date, but Blair claims that no reservation exists. Langston calls Blair on her lie. Ford and Langston hold hands while Blair performs. Once alone, Blair hits on Ford. Before Blair can determine Ford’s intentions, Langston returns, realizes Blair’s plan, and insults Blair. Blair insists that it’s only a matter of time before Ford hurts Langston. Outside La Boulaie, Ford thinks that Langston will invite him in, but Langston kisses him goodnight and goes inside.

Todd needs Starr to sign papers regarding Hope’s trust fund, but notes that she’s in a bad mood. Starr accuses Todd of being thrilled that Cole is gone. Todd doesn’t deny that he’s pleased, insisting that Cole is damaged just like Marty, but Starr retorts that Marty is damaged because of Todd; Todd agrees. Starr cannot stand Todd’s war with Marty; Marty is Hope’s grandmother and will always be in Hope’s life. Starr blindly signs Todd’s paperwork.

Natalie believes that someone with nothing to lose cannot be “handled”. Brody reveals to Natalie that he shocked Marty with surveillance footage, but Natalie worries that Marty is not afraid of anything. Brody encourages Natalie to focus on the baby, but Natalie can’t relax until she knows Brody is not the father. Jessica enters. Natalie and Brody think they’re caught, but Jessica is happy that Brody is leaning on Natalie. Jessica knows that people perceive her as fragile, but she promises that she’s tough.

Marty apologizes to John for any conflict she may have caused with Natalie. Marty asks for forgiveness; John doesn’t hesitate to give it and offers to be a friend as well. Alone, Marty determines that John deserves the truth and Natalie deserves to pay, but Jessica doesn’t deserve to get hurt unnecessarily, so Marty will wait for the paternity test results before proceeding.

Later, Jessica tells Brody that she’s happy he and Natalie are friends, that everyone loves him. Natalie meets up with John, and he tells her that Marty apologized, but Natalie is dubious.

"The next day..."

Clint leaves a message for Vimal; he’s screwed if Vimal didn’t get the job done. Ford calls Langston; he had a great time on their date, but when he alludes to a physical relationship, Langston shocks him with the decision that there will be no sex. Starr tells Blair that Todd is on the Marty warpath. At Marty’s, Todd gives her a smile and paperwork barring her from contact with Hope; Marty is stunned. D.N.A results are in: Natalie is alone at the hospital; Jessica and Brody are at Llanfair, with Brody kissing Jessica as a sign of commitment; and Rex, Echo, Charlie, Viki, and Clint are at the loft, impossibly anxious. Echo smirks at Clint.