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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Victor Frees Maggie!

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The jig is up for Madame Alamain when Victor rescues Maggie from the sarcophagus. The situation looks bleak when Maggie isn't breathing after she is pulled out of the crypt.

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Victor starts to pour his heart out to the Widow Horton, which makes Vivian snap. Viv almost stabs the pair, but Brady stops her and hauls her off to jail. Brady makes a statement to the police and Vivian lets him know, if she goes down so does he for trapping her inside his mother's coffin. Brady has no choice but to let Vivian off the hook. Later, Victor tells Vivian to keep away from Maggie, but she has bigger fish to fry. Watch for Vivian to go after those who knew she was trapped inside Isabella's coffin.

Stefano/Kate: The Phoenix learns his beloved Katherine played a part in EJ getting a cap busted in his dome. Stefano kicks Kate out of the DiMera mansion.

Chloe: The songbird believes she sucks as a mom and wife. Later, Chloe realizes Daniel is in danger.

Philip: He spots Nathan and Melanie having a tender moment.

He realizes he will be fine without Melanie.

Sami: The new Mrs. Hernandez crumbles in Rafe's arms after giving up her kids.

Melanie: She is stunned by Carly.

Hope: Fancy Face winds up in solitary after she edges closer to the truth. Hope is able to send a secretive message to Jennifer.

Victor: He tells Kate to be careful.

Maggie: She tells Victor to kick rocks.

Caroline: Ma Brady gives Sami a shoulder to lean on and some words to live by.

Roman: He realizes EJ may be right.