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One Life to Live Spoilers: Natalie Lies About Her Real Baby Daddy!


Paternity tests, lies and a return turn things upside down in Llanview this week. Don't forget the show will only air new episodes for three days this week due to Thanksgiving on Thursday . With that said, I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy gossip for the week of November 22!

Jessica and Natalie receive their paternity test results. Jessica opens her results with Brody by her side, and Brody is the father. The happy couple celebrates the good news. A little later, Jessica calls Ford to tell him the paternity news.


Meanwhile, Natalie tells Gigi she is lying about her paternity results and the baby is Brody's, not John's.  Brody goes to see Natalie about the good news but he can tell something is wrong with her. He thinks it's her guilt about their one night stand and has no clue about the real paternity results. How long will Natalie be able to keep her child's true paternity a secret?

Bo and Nora hear about the whole fiasco with Rex and his real parents. They discuss the situation but end up talking about Matthew. Bo isn't pleased about Clint's influence on Matthew. Later on, Nora talks to Clint about Matthew, but Clint has other ideas. Clint gets inside Nora's head and causes her to become more suspicious of Inez and Bo's relationship. Also, Clint asks Inez to sleep with Bo! Will Nora confront Inez about Bo?

Rex/Echo/Charlie/Clint: Rex opens his DNA test results and learns he is indeed Echo's son. He also finds out that Charlie is his father. However, Rex doesn't know that Clint had the results altered to make Charlie his father. Matthew slowly starts to figure out what Clint is up to. Rex has lunch with Echo and Charlie. Echo returns to the hotel after lunch only to have Roxy throw her out for non-payment.

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Later, Viki tells Dorian their suspicions about Clint were wrong and that Charlie is Rex's father. However, Dorian isn't convinced the results are correct. Dorian leaves to investigate more and Charlie shows up. Charlie and Viki kiss and make up over their differences about Echo. Just as this happens, Echo shows up at Llanfair with nowhere to live. Will Viki allow Echo to live at Llanfair?

Marty gets her hands on Natalie's paternity results. She fantasizes about telling John the real paternity test results of Natalie's baby. When Marty comes back to reality, Todd serves her with a court order barring her from having any contact with Hope. Marty is furious and lets Todd know she is very capable of fighting back. How will Marty get her revenge on Todd?

Ford begrudgingly agrees not to have sex with Langston. Later, Eddie crashes the Cramer Thanksgiving celebration and Bo promptly arrests him. Will Ford be able to keep his end of the bargain with Langston?

Destiny/Dani/Nate: Dani tries her hardest to convince Destiny not to divorce her parents. Destiny isn't having it. The girls end up overhearing Todd threaten to make Nate disappear. Will Dani read Todd the riot act for trying to get rid of her boyfriend?

Blair lets Cristian have it when she finds out he didn't throw away Eli's mysterious box. What will Cristian have to say in his defense?

Kelly/Joey: Kelly believes Joey is coming to see her in London, but he is actually going to Llanview. Viki is feeling emotional and alone when Joey walks through the door. How will Viki and Kelly react to Joey's return to Llanview?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week ( November 29th):

  • Dani and Nate decide to do the deed.
  • Joey and Kelly see each other.
  • Echo and Charlie kiss, as Dorian watches.
  • Nora is in danger.
  • Starr and Marty argue about Hannah.
  • Eddie sends Ford on a shady job.