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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Trumps Jack... AGAIN!

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Stop me, oh, stop me,

Stop me if you think that you've ,

Heard this one before 

-Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather "Stop Me"

Mr. Mumbles decides to yank his money out of Adam and Skye's hedge fund in order to destroy his son and Old Smilin' Jack. Jack is shocked to learn Victor has snatched his money out and wonders why. Victor clues him on on his real plan and Jack is furious. Once again he's been hustled by The Great Victor Newman (Aren't we all?). Jack tries to salvage the situation, but will he be too late?

Skye: The card shark is MIA. Rumor has it she will once again be presumed dead. Is Adam being set up by one of his many enemies?

Diane/Jack/Kyle: The ex-model-turned-architect attemps to create a Norman Rockwell-type family atmosphere with Jack and Kyle.

Victor: The Black Knight heads out of Genoa City with a secret in the Skye.

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Nikki: She goes to Katherine for help. Later, Deacon offers his support.

Nick/Sharon/Adam: Nick searches for Sharon in New Orleans, as. her past comes back to haunt her.Adam begs Sharon to have faith in him. Nick will be stunned when he catches Shadam in a liplock in the Big Easy.

Phyllis: Big Red starts to wonder if Adam had anything to do with Skye's disappearance. Phyllis heads to New Orleans to get to the bottom of it. She bumps into Nick, who fills her in on Adam and Sharon. The wheels start to turn in Phyllis's mind. She wonders if Sharon is involved in Skye's "death". Watch for another fiery twist to this story to take place in the coming weeks that will leave fans scraching their heads.

Victoria: Mrs. Abbott gets a Turkey day present.

Lauren: She flips out in front of big sister Jill.

Malcolm (Remember him?): He isn't buying what Blake is trying to sell.

Abby: The Naked Heiress discovers the real Victor Newman.

The fashionista is busted on her feelings for Ronan.