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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly continues to try and convince Luke that she’s like Lulu’s big sister and is just encouraging Lulu to follow her heart, but Luke isn’t buying it. Carly finally admits that she hates Dante, feels sorry for Lulu and is ready to give Dante a rude awakening. Luke wonders where Lulu fits into that. Carly feels Lulu will learn her lesson, but Luke warns her not to bring it on. Carly wonders if that’s a threat. Luke says no, but if he hears that Dante is suddenly a dirty cop or had his apartment raided and hookers were found, that he’ll know she was behind it and not only will he throw her under the bus, but he’ll park it on her. She tells him that she expects Dante to live down to her expectations all on his own. I love it when Tony Geary has serious material to play and Laura Wright was giving as good as she was getting.

Lulu discusses her love life and her concerns with Michael, who seems to get more and more uncomfortable as it goes along. Lulu heads out to meet with Luke at the Metrocourt. He brings up the subject of love, which he says can sometimes be like a drug, as he’s trying to talk to her about her feelings for Dante. Lulu misinterprets which child he’s talking about and agrees that Lucky’s moving too fast with Siobhan.

Dante insists there was no sexual relationship with Brenda, but Jason says it doesn’t matter if Carly digs deep enough to find out about the shooting. Jason says the only saving grace is Michael, because Carly won’t do anything that might send him back to prison, and I call baloney on that. Carly will sacrifice her children if it means winning. Dante says Carly will listen to Jason and he needs to back her off of him and Brenda.

Brenda and Sonny end up in their old apartment and they reminisce about the good old days…again. He says he sees a sadness in her eyes now, where there used to be hope and life. She says it’s because she’s living like a prisoner at Jason’s. Brenda says she wanted her dad’s love and then Sonny’s. Brenda claims Sonny is the love of her life, which is interesting because I think she told Jax the same thing. They natter on some more before they reach for each other and kiss.

Maxie insists that she saw Lisa with a syringe, about to inject Robin’s IV. Lisa claims that if she wanted Robin dead, she would have let her burn in the fire. Lab tests come back on the IV bag, which find nothing. Ronnie asks about the syringe, which hasn’t been found and says that they will find it. Maxie continues to bad mouth Lisa, so Ronnie releases her, since he has her statement. Matt leads Maxie away and Patrick points out that Robin is not Lisa’s patient. Steven agrees that she shouldn’t be near Robin. Lisa says that she wants to call a lawyer, and Ronnie tells her not to leave the hospital. Johnny watches from the sidelines.

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Lisa insists that she wasn’t trying to kill Robin and Patrick feels she was trying to provoke her instead. Lisa claims Maxie is hysterical and Steven asks why she went in the room in the first place. Lisa says that she wanted to give Robin another chance, but Patrick insists that she did it to rile Robin up before the board meeting. Despite the missing syringe, Steven finally finds his cojones and says it was uneccessary provocation on Lisa’s part and she’s now on probation. Her OR privileges are revoked and she’s being transferred down to the ER where he can keep an eye on her. If she approaches Robin again, she’ll be fired.

Robin wants the nightmare to end, and Liz tells Robin not to stress, since it’s not good for her compromised body. Liz questions whether Maxie is a credible witness, and how she might have exaggerated to help out Robin. Robin says she just wants to get home to her daughter, and she needs to be grateful for all she has. Liz throws Patrick’s name out there, which Robin’s not interested in hearing. Liz wonders if she still loves him.

Patrick walks in and explains to Robin that the syringe can’t be found, but Lisa’s now on probation. She thanks him for believing her and fighting for her. Since he doesn’t seem to know when to stop pushing, he says he wants to start working on his family, but she once again, tells him to back off and think of Emma.

Matt’s trying to calm Maxie down and says there was no proof, but Maxie says she’s an eyewitness. Matt gets called away and Johnny wonders what all the hoopla is about. Maxie explains it all to him and Johnny questions her tendency to exaggerate, which she blows off. She sets off to find the syringe, which Johnny has. When Matt comes back, he questions whether Maxie framed Lisa, since she had jokingly told Robin they should. Matt says that she’s protective of Robin and devious and, since no one can find the syringe, the finger is pointing at her. Patrick walks up and asks Maxie if she framed Lisa.

Liz invites Nikolas for Thanksgiving. Nik tells Steven that he’s trying to be objective, but feels Lisa was put on probation despite the lack of evidence. Later, Nik’s waiting on the pier, when Lisa comes up thanks him for being the only one who was objective. Lisa claims that she just wants to go to work and do her job. Nikolas says if it turns out that Maxie lied, everyone will owe her an apology. Johnny watches.

Michael lets Dante know that he heard the conversation with Suzanne, and wonders if Dante is emotionally involved with Brenda. Dante denies having feelings and doesn’t want to hurt Lulu by telling her anything. He says he’s committed to Lulu, that he loves her and that he got over Brenda once and will again. Lulu walks in.

Jason comes home to find Spinelli with flowers, which Brenda wanted him to bring to Robin. I wonder why Brenda didn’t bring them herself, since she was just at the hospital. Jason angrily tells him to work on the Balkan stuff and stop being Brenda’s minion.

Jason heads over to the hospital with the flowers and he and Robin make small talk, but the conversation comes around to Sonny and Brenda. He doesn’t want them together because of the Carly factor and she says Carly should stay out of it. Max calls Jason and lets him know that Sonny and Brenda are together at the old apartment and Jason says he’s going to get them, but Robin asks him to give them a chance.