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One Life to Live Recap: Family Portrait

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Natalie: Yeah, we dodged a hell of a bullet.

Natalie is about to open her results when John surprises her; he deduces that Natalie’s amniocentesis results are in. The results don’t make sense to John so Natalie translates: their child is perfect and healthy, and they’re thrilled. They decide not to read the results any further, not wanting to know the gender of the baby. Todd calls John to inform him of the court order and Marty’s beeline for La Boulaie, so John leaves to stop Marty from doing anything stupid.

Brody promises Jessica that they will be a happy, loving family regardless of the results. They read page one and discover that the baby is healthy. They skip the page that reveals the gender, deciding that they both want to be surprised. Jessica reads the paternity results: Brody is the baby’s father. Brody and Jessica are on Cloud Nine.

Natalie returns to Llanfair and is elated for Brody and Jessica. Jessica steps away to call Ford as Natalie tells Brody that her baby belongs to John; Brody is beyond relieved, happy that everything worked out perfectly. Jessica catches part of their conversation, misinterprets, and is touched that Natalie was so scared on Jessica’s behalf. Natalie encourages Jessica and Brody to celebrate together. Alone, Natalie reads her results; Baby Banks’ father is... Brody Lovett.

Todd presents Marty with a court order barring her from any contact with Hope. Todd says Marty only has herself to blame; her judgement is in question because she vouched for Hannah. Marty doesn’t take kindly to Todd’s emotional torture, calling him self-absorbed and vowing that she’s “learned to fight back.” Marty questions the order’s validity, but Todd spotlights Starr’s signature. Marty races out, promising to make good on Todd’s belief that Marty is dangerous.

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John stops Marty before she can storm into La Boulaie, insisting that Todd is just provoking Marty “into doing something crazy”; Marty listens. Back at Marty’s, Todd is still hanging around, but Marty throws him out. Marty thanks John for having her back and asks about Natalie’s amniocentesis. John says that he and Natalie are having a healthy child; she is happy for John. Once alone, Marty reads a copy of Natalie’s results naming Brody as the father of Natalie’s baby.

Rex’s results name Echo as his mother; Clint offers snarky congratulations. Echo asks how Rex feels, but Rex makes it clear that he does not like Echo. Charlie believes that Echo could have “let the past stay buried,” but Viki insists that a sharing of D.N.A. does not a mother make. Charlie questions paternity, but before Rex can read further, Clint claims to have urgent business that demands his immediate attention. Viki orders Clint to stop, telling him that he has to face the truth one way or another. Rex’s father is... Charlie Banks.

Clint is visibly relieved; he congratulates the new family and rushes out the door as Viki follows. He points out that Viki and Dorian’s suspicions were wrong. Clint is sorry that Echo is now in the middle of Viki’s life, but he’s not sorry that he’s not Rex’s father. Charlie believes that having Rex for a son is a gift. Charlie hugs Rex as Echo rubs Charlie’s back; Viki, witnessing the warm moment, is upset.

Vimal races into Clint’s office, but Matthew is there. Matthew tries to get Vimal to talk, but Vimal will only speak to “Mr. Buchanan”, a title that Matthew insists also belongs to him. Clint arrives, however, and sends Matthew home.

Clint is angry that Vimal never called following his mission, but Vimal claims it’s because he doesn’t handle stress well and developed a migraine. Vimal tells an anxious Clint that “a doctor” saw him (a flashback reveals Marty), but he did change Rex’s paternity to Charlie Banks. Clint asks about the other task; a proud Vimal was also successful in changing “your daughter’s result,” divulging that he “changed the father’s name to Brody Lovett.” But... which daughter?

Ford wants a relationship with Langston, even though he’s clueless as to how to approach one, but he freaks when he thinks Langston wants a sex-free one. Langston clarifies that she wants to wait six months; it worked for Rex and Gigi, so it should also work for them.

Jessica calls Ford and informs him that he’s off the hook; he’s not the father of her baby. Ford congratulates Jessica and fills in Langston, who thinks this is great news, but Ford doesn’t seem so certain. This experience has made Ford realize that he wants to be a father someday. He agrees to Langston’s sexual terms, believing that abstinence will make him a better man and better future father material. Ford and Langston are officially a sexless couple.