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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lisa continues to try and convince Nikolas to be objective and that Maxie is likely lying to protect Robin. Nikolas offers to walk her back to the hospital, but she says she’s going home and he leaves. Lisa meets with Johnny at the Metrocourt. Johnny questions what’s in the syringe and Lisa claims it isn’t poison, that she wasn’t trying to kill Robin, which Johnny believes, since he figures if Robin ended up poisoned, the finger would be pointed at Lisa. She says she wanted to lower Robin’s inhibitions and make her more compliant before the board meeting. Lisa claims that Robin’s been a hysterical, vindictive wife since the one night stand and she only wants to clear her name. Johnny mentions being concerned about Maxie’s involvement, but Lisa’s more concerned about getting the syringe back. Johnny says he’s keeping it in case he needs a future favour, no questions asked.

Jason and Robin continue to discuss Sonny and Brenda and how they still love each other. Jason feels Brenda’s more miserable than happy and he doesn’t want to have to watch it again. Robin’s happy that she and Jason get along now, despite their past. He admits that she might have been right when it came to Michael, but she’s quick to dismiss that.

Lulu thinks Michael and Dante are talking about her, but Dante lies again, and says they were discussing Michael moving out now that he can see his father again. Lulu insists Michael stay, but he’s already planning on spending the night at Carly’s, so he leaves. Lulu lets Dante know about Luke’s marriage to Tracy, Lucky dating Siobhan, and Ethan marrying Maya. Dante thanks her for standing by him, believing him and defending him when he made the mistake with Michael.

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Sonny wants to try again now that years have passed, but he feels that Brenda is hiding something. Brenda discusses her relationship with Alexander and that he’s the Balkan’s son, and tells him about the shooting with Dante.

Matt lets Patrick know that Maxie jokingly threatened to frame Lisa, but Maxie insists that she was joking and did see the syringe. Patrick claims she’s lied before and she reminds him that so has he. Maxie says Lisa is evil and needs to be stopped and storms off. Nik shows up and discusses it with Patrick, admitting that Maxie is not reliable. Patrick’s quick to wonder if the lack of syringe means that Lisa’s probation will be reversed.

Alexis meets Diane at the Metrocourt and Diane, again, asks Alexis to help her with Sonny’s legal issues, but Alexis is not interested. Diane feels she’s so busy, she needs another person. Claire, who asked to meet them, arrives and lets them know that once she’s cleared by IA, she’ll likely be reassigned, but would rather stay in PC and work with the two of them. Diane doesn’t want Claire mooning over Sonny in her office, but Claire insists she wouldn’t. Diane wonders why Claire wants to stay in PC, but Claire says she has respect for them and Diane lets her know that she doesn’t stand a chance with Sonny while Brenda’s in the picture. Alexis tells Claire to forget about Sonny and refind her pride.

Jason and Robin are joking around and laughing when Patrick arrives and Jason leaves. Patrick questions whether Robin actually saw the syringe, but she says Maxie did. Patrick says Maxie would do anything to protect Robin and she insists that Maxie wouldn’t lie. Patrick mentions having already talked to Nikolas about lifting the probation. Robin is rightfully pissed that he was in such a hurry and says that she needs a break from him.

Molly and Spinelli arrange a romantic evening for Jason and Sam. When the two get there, they go along with it for Molly’s sake. When Spinelli leaves to drive Molly home, JaSam have their romantic dinner and express their feelings for each other.

Maxie’s angry with Matt for believing that she would lie, and he says that careers are at stake and he has to be careful. Patrick returns and mentions that Robin didn’t see the syringe. Nik comes up and says he spoke with Steve and the probation stays. Lisa gets off the elevator, and she and Nik small talk before he leaves.

Sonny wants to take things slow with Brenda wants to try again and to start dating. They leave the apartment and kiss in the rain.