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One Life to Live Recap: Take Your Mama Out


Rex: Roxy, you are my mother. Echo is just a technicality.

Charlie asks a tentative Rex to spare a few minutes for a meal and Rex agrees. At their table, Echo is looking forward to meeting Rex’s girlfriend and she and Charlie are excited about having a grandson. Echo tries to pay, but her credit card is declined; Charlie pays instead.

After hanging with John, Roxy arrives and Rex explains that D.N.A. tests prove that Echo and Charlie are his parents. Rex assures a shaken Roxy of her place in his life, but she feels usurped. Roxy confronts Echo. She accuses Echo of never caring about Rex, and demands payment toward Echo’s hotel room. When Echo can’t pay, Roxy evicts her effective immediately.

Viki visits a skeptical Dorian, telling her they were wrong about Clint; Viki says Echo may lie, but D.N.A. doesn’t. Dorian promises that Viki will regret not being at the diner; Viki needs to be a pitbull, not a puppy. Dorian doesn’t trust Echo and intends on becoming her “new best friend.” Viki trusts Charlie, but accuses Dorian of not trusting anyone at all, and leaves in a huff.

At home, Charlie assures Viki that Echo is not staking her claim; there’s been tension, but he loves and is committed to Viki. Doorbell! It’s Echo and her suitcase; she has nowhere else to go.

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Bo, Nora, and Matthew are at the diner before Matthew goes to B.E. to utilize his free time wisely. Matthew steps away to clean up mustard on his suit, and Bo is concerned that Matthew is forgoing his youth in favor of business, but Nora doesn’t see an issue with getting to know the family business. Bo worries that Matthew is being influenced too majorly by Clint.

Rex talks with Bo and asks if Echo is as bad as everyone claims; Bo responds diplomatically. Bo wonders about the animosity between Rex and Clint, and Rex insists that they just “rub each other the wrong way.” Matthew overhears, and later asks Bo about Rex’s parental drama. At the counter, Matthew questions Vimal’s work for Clint, but Vimal advises him to stop digging.

Rex asks Bo and Nora how he’s supposed to forgive being abandoned, but Nora believes he can’t; she advises him to look at the upside and focus on Charlie. Bo tells Rex that one always needs a paternal influence, but Rex thinks that Bo is already that person. Nora knows that Bo is thinking about Asa. Bo doesn’t know how she always reads his mind, but she’s right, and he still misses Asa greatly. Gigi arrives and Rex tells her who won the parental lottery.

At B.E., when Brody arrives, Clint covers when Brody hears his name, saying that he was bragging about Brody. Brody tells Clint that he’s the father of Jessica’s baby, and Clint is ecstatic as Brody is “like a son” to him. Matthew returns and subtly questions Clint about Rex, the hospital key card, and the lab’s accuracy. Clint insists that he’s a lucky guy, but in underestimating his protégé, he doesn’t notice as Matthew catches on to Clint’s deception.

Natalie is crying as Gigi arrives; John’s not the father. Natalie tells Gigi that she lied to Brody too because his face was full of hope, and too many lives will be shattered. Gigi suggests that the truth might be less stressful for Nat; Nat disagrees, so Gigi vows to take Natalie’s secret to the grave. Alone, Natalie tosses the paternity results in the fire.

Marty believes that Natalie has been lying from the very beginning and decides that John deserves to know. She literally wraps the results in a gift box as she fantasizes about John learning the truth and ejecting Natalie from his life. Marty goes to John’s, gift in hand, but her phone rings before she can knock; Cole has been in a fight at Statesville. Concerned, Marty leaves for the prison.

Roxy visits John; she’s excited about spoiling her impending grandbaby and she wonders when John will propose. John insists on one step at a time. Talk turns to Marty, and while John thinks that Marty is okay now, Roxy counters that Marty “is used to having it all”, and Natalie now has everything that belonged to Marty not so long ago. Roxy promises that Marty will exact a “dirty trick” and John will pay; John takes Roxy at face value.

John calls Natalie; he misses her already and wants to give her a proper goodbye. Natalie arrives, and she and John share a hug. John tells Nat that Roxy visited and warned him about Marty, but John is certain that he knows Marty best; he’s not concerned. At Llanfair, Brody stokes the fire.