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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Thanksgiving day in Port Charles land, where we have an enjoyable episode that reminds us of the not so enjoyable ones, for the rest of the year.


Tracy and Maya are primping for their men. Edward bad mouths the Spencer men, which makes Maya wonder why he offered her and Ethan money to stay together. Luke and Ethan arrive ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. Ethan complains to Maya that they haven’t had romance since Las Vegas, but she feels that the marriage is only a business deal.

Michael’s alone since CarJax took the younger kids to Manhattan, but Dante invites him to spend it with him and Lulu, until Lulu lets him know they’re expected at the Quartermaines. Dante doesn’t want to go, saying Edward hates him, and that he’ll stay behind and spend time with Michael. So Lulu lays the guilt on before she leaves and Michael talks Dante into going.

Lucky wants a quiet Italian dinner and not the drama of the Spencer’s and Quartermaines, but Siobhan talks him into going to be with family. When they show up, Edward proceeds to drool over Siobhan, who flirts right back. Tracy wants Luke to take dance lessons before the wedding. Lulu shows up and Edwards happy to see that Dante’s not with her, but both he and Michael eventually show up.

Lulu makes small talk with Siobhan, interrogating her about Lucky. When Lucky overhears, she says she’s worried about him, since she feels he’s moving too fast. Luke’s looking at a ring, when Tracy catches him and thinks the ring is fake, but Luke insists it’s real and it’s for her.

Sam lets Robin know that Mac has been invited to the Davis Thanksgiving dinner, in hopes of restarting that stalled relationship. Maxie’s been invited as well but she thinks Mac will decline, so that he can spend the holiday in the hospital with Robin.

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Patrick plans on picking up Emma and bringing her to Robin’s room. Mac shows up, invites Matt to join them but not Patrick. Maxie and Robin try to convince Mac to go to Alexis’. Maxie leaves since she was invited and Robin continues to plead Alexis’ case. Mac feels Alexis isn’t interested in him and asks Robin to leave it alone, but she insists that Alexis doesn’t realize what she’s got with him and he needs to try again.

Matt pays Robin a visit and mentions that Maxie invited him to the Davis’ as well, but he’s not happy with her. Robin tells him to be more patient and forgiving with Maxie and Matt reminds her to do the same with Patrick.

Patrick and Emma visit Robin and while Robin doesn’t know what will happen with them, she is willing to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Alexis wonders why Kristina set the table for eight when it’s just the two of them and Sam (Molly’s in LA with Ric, lucky girl!!). Kristina says Diane, Max and Spinelli have been invited and eventually admits that Maxie and Mac also.

When Diane arrives, Alexis complains about the girls setting her up, but Diane tells her to take a chance and date a real man. Max and Diane reminisce about last Thanksgiving when they got back together. Spinelli is happy to see Maxie, but Sam and Kristina are upset that Mac isn’t coming. Mac eventually arrives and is given a seat at the table. Matt also arrives and takes the seat beside Maxie, which doesn’t please Spinelli.

Alice comes in with the traditional Thanksgiving pizzas and Edward explains to Siobhan about the tradition and then the Spencer/Quartermaines, sing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.