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One Life to Live Recap: Thanks A Lot


Nora: Don’t be silly, I’m sure you know everything about tarts.

Inez and Nate arrive at the Buchanan Mansion with a dessert for Thanksgiving. Bo, Nora, and Matthew arrive soon after and Nora is surprised, thinking it would just be family, and Matthew is angry that Nate is there. Bo shows Inez to the kitchen as Clint instructs Nora to be polite. He tells Nora that Inez thought his gift of a necklace was too extravagant and wonders if Inez is interested in Bo.

Nigel and Nate are playing a video game when Matthew enters and asks Nigel for nachos. Matthew insinuates that Inez is using her tight dress to snag Clint, and Nate attacks Matthew as the adults enter the living room. Inez admonishes Nate, but Clint thinks that “boys will be boys.” Nate storms out. Bo offers to talk to Nate for Inez, but she declines. Clint again advises Matthew to keep his enemies close, but Matthew counters that Clint isn’t setting a good example in pushing Rex away.

Bo receives a disturbance call from Dorian, and Nora wants him to send uniforms, but Bo prefers to handle things personally because Dorian is the Mayor and the intruder is Eddie. Inez frets, but Bo reassures her with a gentle hand pat, and Nora is annoyed. Clint and Nora talk, and Nora reveals that she questioned Inez about her possible crush, and Clint wonders if Nora is worried about Bo’s intentions; Nora doesn’t know what to think. Clint makes a toast as Bo returns and joins the group, standing next to Inez.

Clint wonders what Inez’s real reason is for not accepting the necklace. She’s not ready to sleep with Clint. That’s fine with him, because he wants her to sleep with Bo instead.

James and Ford return from a police charity race and inform Eddie that they are going to the Cramer's for Thanksgiving, while Eddie can go to the diner. Alone, Eddie decides to crash the party.

Langston cautions Starr that she invited Ford, who then invited James. Starr is upset. Starr wonders how Langston can trust Ford, but Langston insists that she doesn’t... yet. That’s why she devised her plan; if Ford survives six months without sex, they can move forward.

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Cristian arrives and showers Blair with gifts as a thank you for inviting him. He also gives her the box from Eli, telling her that she must deal with it. Blair scoffs upon seeing Ford, and barbs are exchanged. Dorian comes home with a stranger, informing the group that he claimed to be invited; it’s Eddie. Dorian is shocked when she learns that he’s Ford’s infamous abusive father. Eddie immediately butts heads with everyone. He calls Starr a slut, which provokes James into trying to throw out Eddie. Eddie decks James. Dorian calls the police. Bo and Brody arrive, and Bo is all too happy to cuff Eddie for his “brutal attack”.

Dorian makes clear to Ford that while she still doesn’t like him, she doesn’t believe that anyone should have to endure the monster that is Eddie. Starr comforts James, who suspects that he’ll never be free of Eddie. He has no power, which makes him feel useless. Starr assures James that he is not alone. Dorian makes a heartfelt toast before dinner.

Destiny wants to talk to Tea about divorcing her “fake parents”, but Dani encourages Destiny to wait. Nate arrives and wants to celebrate with Dani after his bad experience at the Buchanan’s.

Tea discovers the court order against Marty and takes Todd to task for tricking Starr, telling him that he did no better than when Eli fooled Tea. Todd believes that Marty should be barred from Hope because she exhibited bad judgment, but Tea wonders what’s to stop Starr from getting a restraining order against Todd.

Tea worries that Todd will drive the kids away, but Todd only wants to get rid of “that idiot, Nate.” Dani, Nate, and Destiny overhear. Dani calls Todd a jackass as Tea says, “Don’t make me regret coming back from the dead,” and tells him to apologize. He does, and Nate accepts gleefully while Dani does so reluctantly. Tea makes a heartfelt toast before dinner.

Brody comes home from the charity race and tells Natalie that they should be thrilled now that things have worked out. Natalie insists that she’s just upset that John is away visiting Marcie and Michael.

Before her own celebration, Dorian visits Viki at Llanfair to gloat that she and Viki won; Roxy threw out Echo. Echo comes downstairs in a robe and Dorian’s jaw drops. She is aghast that Viki fell victim to Echo’s cries of homelessness.

Echo meets Gigi and Shane and is thrilled that she’ll be in such close proximity. Viki insists that Echo was only invited to stay for one night. Rex and Natalie call themselves family, bloodlines be damned. Brody and Shane share a warm moment as Shane realizes that they’ll finally be family, sort of. Brody will always love Shane like a son. Brody leaves when Bo calls.

Echo and Gigi get acquainted, but Echo insults Gigi; she wears too much makeup and she kept Shane from Rex for years. Echo is peeved when Gigi counters that that’s exactly what Echo did to Rex and Charlie. Charlie tries to persuade Viki to allow Echo to stay, but Viki can’t believe he’s even asking. Viki makes a heartfelt toast before dinner.

Kevin and Kelly return to the compound, and give Neville a history lesson about Thanksgiving, but Neville believes that “love is all you need.” Kelly wonders if her admission of feelings will surprise Joey, but Kevin doesn’t think so. Dinner is served, but Kelly wants to wait for Joey. Kelly misunderstood Neville. Joey is going home to Llanview for Thanksgiving, not returning to the compound. Later, Viki is surprised by an unexpected guest: Joey.