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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Carly Risks It All For Melanie!

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Carly/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: Dr. Manning puts it all on the line for Melanie by injecting herself with the virus! Melanie keeps drifting in and out of consciousness, but is able to understand what her parents are saying.  Melanie realizes the lengths Carly has gone to save her. Meanwhile, Carly gives everyone quite a scare once Daniel injects her with the antidote. Melanie fears she will lose Carly and tells her mother how much she loves her. Carly, Melanie and Nathan start to get better. Watch for mother and daughter to become closer but, will the same happen with Nathan and Mel? Steph is definitely worried about that possibility, which is why she rushes Nathan to jump the broom.

Nicole: She rips into EJ for dogging Sami.

Victor/Brady: The Kiriakis men hatch a plan to make Vivian disappear.

Ben/Jen: The good doctor sheds some light on Jane and Lee's schemes. He also shares a moment with Jennifer Rose

Will/Gabi: The teens share a moment about missing their family. Later they kiss.

Stefano/Kate/Victor: The Phoenix has a showdown with Victor and Kate.

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Brady: Mr. Black is not willing to let Nicole go.

Rafe: He opens up to Gabi.

Philip/Melanie: The two talk about starting a family.

Kate: She has a talk with her stepson/ex-lover.

Sami: Ms. Brady sneaks into the DiMera mansion to see her kids. Later, Rafe promises Sami she will get the kids back.

Hope: Fancy Face tries to break out of the pokey! Lee finds out and threatens Hope.