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One Life to Live Spoilers: Clint Has Nora Kidnapped!

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A kidnapping, an alliance and an engagement shake things up in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of November 29.


Ford/Eddie/Clint: Ford goes to Clint for help with Eddie. He asks Clint for $50,000 to pay off Eddie and to run him out of town. Clint agrees to Ford's request, but soon after gives Eddie a gun, money and an assignment to complete. Later on, Ford gives Eddie the money James owes him and tells him to leave town. What will Eddie say about Ford's actions?

Nate/Dani/Eddie: Dani and Nate believe it's time they take their relationship to the next level. However, they quickly decide against the idea and opt to wait until the time is right. Soon after, Dani has an unpleasant run in with Eddie and tells Todd about it. Will Dani be Eddie's next target?

Inez/Clint/Bo/Nora/Eddie: Inez can't believe her ears when Clint asks her to seduce Bo. Inez won't go through with it, but Clint forces her to keep his proposal quiet. Meanwhile, Eddie says a few choice words about Inez to Bo and Nora and the couple end up having a nasty argument. Eddie continues his path of destruction by giving Dani a hard time at Inez's apartment. Inez walks though her door and is shocked to see Eddie there. She makes sure Dani is safe and the former couple have words. Eddie tells her to keep Bo and her boys away from him or things will get ugly.

After her encounter with Eddie, Inez goes to see Clint and agrees to his plan under the circumstances that he makes Eddie go away for good. After Nora sulks with Viki about their respective men, Eddie kidnaps her. Eddie takes her to a motel while Clint uses Nora's phone to send Bo a mysterious message. Will Bo figure out what Clint is up to before it's too late?

Starr/Todd/James: James and Starr get dangerously close once again, but their efforts are stalled due to news about Cole. Todd looks for Starr and ends up finding James. James tells Todd about Eddie and in turn, Todd tells the young man about his abusive father Peter Manning. Todd confides in James that death is the only way to stop an abuser. Todd orders Eddie to stay away from his children or else. Will James take Todd's words to heart about his abusive father?

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Later, Starr gets on Todd's case about the restraining order barring Marty from having any contact with Hope. Todd tells her his reasons for getting the order and Starr is not satisfied. She goes to visit Marty to smooth things over, but ends up getting into an argument with her about Hannah.

Dorian/Echo/Charlie/Viki: Echo continues to inject herself into Charlie and Viki's lives. Echo gets drunk and Dorian is on her like white on rice. Dorian attempts to get a confession out of her, but Charlie interjects. He takes Echo home and Dorian follows them. Charlie and Echo kiss as Dorian looks on. Will Dorian tell Viki about Charlie and Echo's kiss?

Natalie/John/Marty/Rex: Natalie is at the airport waiting for John when he comes back from visiting Michael and Marcie. They return home where Marty gives John a gift with Natalie's paternity results inside. Before John can open it, Marty's conscience kicks in and she takes the gift back. Rex, who is watching Marty for Todd, wonders what is inside Marty's present. Will Marty give up on her quest to tell John to the truth?

Kelly hops the first plane back to Llanview to get to Joey and confess her undying love for him. After catching up on the family gossip, Joey leaves seconds before Kelly walks through the door. An upset Kelly goes to see Rex to tell him about her feelings for Joey. Meanwhile, Joey is making love to his new girlfriend Aubrey (Terri Conn formerly Colombino).

Later, Joey and Kelly finally meet face to face. Kelly and Aubrey also face off while while doing their makeup in the bathroom. Neither has a clue they are both looking for the same man. Joey asks his family to lunch because he has a big announcement. Kelly stays in the restroom as Aubrey leaves to join Joey at lunch. Aubrey and Joey announce their engagement to Viki and Clint. What will Kelly do when she finds out about Joey's engagement?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (December 6th):

  • Bo receives "Nora's" text.
  • James steals Eddie's gun.
  • Inez drugs Bo.
  • John asks Natalie to marry him.
  • Rex finds Natalie's test results.
  • Dorian lets Viki know what she saw.