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Should The Young and the Restless Revisit Neil and Ashley?

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Have you wondered what happened to the blink-and-you missed it relationship The Young and the Restless teased us with between Ashley and Neil (Kristoff St. John)? In an interview withSmashing Interviews MagazineEileen Davidson shares her perspective on what happened to the pairing.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Ashley’s fling with Neil was so short lived. Did the writers think it was not working?

Eileen Davidson: You know what, honestly, I don’t think it was about it not working so much because they really didn’t give it a chance. They really didn’t and I don’t think they could have told either way if it was working or not working by the work that we did together.

I think they had a plan for Tucker and Ashley and I think waiting for those kinds of things to settle down with his storyline and they stalled a bit so they could introduce those two was what happened. That’s my feeling and also they don’t have these things written in stone for months in advance so I think they get an idea and they decide to run with that and other things fall by the wayside.

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Should The Young and the Restless revisit the Neil and Ashley pairing?

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