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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam and Sharon Hit The Sheets!

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Adam/Sharon: Down in New Orleans, Sharon sees a fortune teller who tells her she is at an impasse in her life. The medium tells Sharon to let the chips fall where they may. Later, Sharon bumps into Adam at a funeral procession and rips into him for not giving her space. Adam pulls Sharon into a kiss, which she doesn't resist. The two decide to take in the sights the Big Easy, and follow it up with a lovely dinner. Sucks to be Nick! Adam and Sharon do the deed and afterwards Nick finds the two together.

Daisy: Her new digs aren't a hit with the good people of Genoa City.

Big Red keeps digging for the truth.

Deacon /Nikki: They are back folks! Deacon bumps into Nikki at Crimson Lights and tells her he wants to explore their newfound relationship. Nikki informs Mr. Sharpe it was just a fling and nothing more. This doesn't deter Deacon. He heads over to the Newman ranch later and tries again with Nikki. The two share a kiss that is witnessed by Katherine! The grand dame isn't thrilled on what she walked up on. After Deacon leaves, Nikki tells Kay she isn't sure how things will be with Deacon. Will Nikki fall under Deacon's spell like Brooke Logan, Macy Alexander, Jackie Marone and so many others before her?

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Ronan: Det. Malloy's health problems may be prove lethal.

Sharon: She pledges her support for Adam.

Heather:  RUMOR has it there will be some some surprising chem-testing between the Lady D.A. and one of Genoa City's most popular hunks. Wonder what those two ever-warring fanbases will have to say about this one?

Neil/Sofia: Don't be surprised if Malcolm's big bro and his old lady find themselves in a very um, compromising position soon while mixed up in Cane's Down Under drama.