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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda lets Jason know that she and Sonny are going out on a date and they will be taking it slow. She admits that she told Sonny about the Alexander shooting and Jason tells her to forgive herself. When Spinelli arrives, he’s determined to cater to Brenda’s every whim, and Jason leaves to meet Dante and Lucky.

Lucky asks Siobhan to go over what she overheard when she was with Balkan’s men, but she can’t think of anything new. Lucky’s sorry that he got her involved, but she blames herself.

Carly and Jax discuss their Christmas plans and he insists that she’s not interested in Brenda. Jax wants to focus on their life together. Feel that foreshadowing anvil falling on our heads?

Sonny lets Dante know that he knows about the Alexander shooting. Dante admits that he’s a hypocrite, but Sonny’s just happy that he protected the woman he loves. Dante lets him know that he’s working with Lucky and Jason on the Balkan case.

Suzanne arrives, summoned by Sonny, and asks Dante if he told his father about his connection with Brenda. Dante insists that what he had with Brenda is in the past, where it will stay. Sonny tells Suzanne that he and Brenda are back together and to stay out of it.

Steven’s frazzled, since he has to reshuffle the surgeons to cover Lisa’s patients now that she’s transferred to the ER. Patrick’s just happy that she’s away from Robin. Lisa shows up, complaining about the ER and concerned about her surgical patients. Robin catches sight of Lisa and wonders why she’s on the surgical floor. Steven sends Lisa back down to the ER.

Lisa’s taking care of a cheerleader in the ER, who tells her about a website where you can tell your side of the story. Later on, Lisa decides to use it. Nikolas shows up to check on her and is impressed that she’s making the best of the situation. Lisa says she wants to clear her name from all of Robin's evil accusations.

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Nikolas confronts Steven, saying that there’s no proof that Lisa did anything. Patrick reminds him that Lisa shouldn’t have been in Robin’s room and, as her friend, Nikolas should be more supportive. Nikolas doesn’t want to just accept her version of events.

Robin has Lisa paged. She brings Nikolas with her as a witness. Robin tells her that she’s being released and going back to her own home and that if Lisa comes anywhere near her family, she will call the police or kill her herself, as she’s determined to protect her family. There’s some of those Scorpio genes I’ve been waiting to see kick in.

Patrick stops by Robin’s room as she’s leaving and offers to drive her home and help her settle in. She accepts his offer. Robin thanks Steven for supporting her and allowing her to come back to work.

Lisa thanks Nikolas for supporting her and he tells her to keep her distance from Robin. She just doesn’t want to lose her career and Nikolas agrees that she’s a talented doctor.

Lucky heads over to the PI agency to get help from Sam on the Balkan case and goes on about Siobhan nearly being hurt. Sam’s happy for him that he’s found Siobhan and encourages him to make a fresh start.

Dante and Jason arrive to help out, but since Spinelli isn’t there, Lucky takes over the computer work. Dante tells him to pull up the Balkan’s call logs and Lucky says there’s no one named Jack. Jason lets Lucky in on the Alexander story and Dante admits his part in it. Dante mentions Carly’s sudden interest and Lucky wonders why Jason doesn’t neutralize her. Jason eventually realizes that the name Jack may not be a first name.

Sam comes home, busy talking on the phone, and doesn’t notice someone hiding in her apartment. Jerry Jacks, anyone?

Suzanne meets with Jax to let him know that Brenda needs his help now that she and Sonny are back together. She feels Sonny has a profound effect on Brenda and that Brenda is at risk. Jax admits the Sonny/Brenda relationship was dysfunctional, that he almost got Brenda killed more than once, and that he’s always been there when something bad happened. Suzanne asks Jax to take Brenda away from Sonny.

Sonny stops by the penthouse to pick up Brenda for their date, but Spinelli insists on a conversation. He’s concerned that Sonny will break Brenda’s heart and leave her flat like he has with so many other women. Spin tells him that Brenda is delicate and needs respect, not to push her into anything she’s not ready for and adds that if they get intimate, to use protection. Sonny assures him that he’s going to be very careful with Brenda, since he’s loved her so long.

Spinelli doesn't want them to go out and into possibly dangerous situations, and offers to prepare a meal, but Sonny doesn’t want him as a chaperone. Brenda lets Spinelli know that she’s fine with Sonny and that she’s been careful for 8 years and she’s happy now. As Sonny and Brenda leave for their date, Carly arrives, quite gleeful to see them together.