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One Life to Live Recap: My Problem Is You


Clint: You’re declining my offer?

Clint wants Inez to sleep with Bo, and she’s horrified to realize that Clint’s serious. Bo destroyed Clint’s marriage to Nora, and Clint wants to return the favor. Clint believes that Inez wants Bo, and this plan will get her what she desires, but Inez adamantly insists that she has no interest in Bo. Clint threatens to rescind all of his favors. Clint thinks that Bo and Nora are ripe for an interloper and, believing Bo to be as jaded as Clint is and not forgetful of Nora’s past infidelity, Clint insists that seducing Bo will be easy. Inez refuses to take part in Clint’s scheme, regretting that she ever met him.

Eddie sits, handcuffed, in Bo’s office, threatening to sue the police department until Bo silences him with tape. Nora enters and takes issue with Bo’s illegal tactics. Eddie demeans Nora and when Bo defends her, Eddie realizes that Nora is Bo’s wife. Eddie vulgarly compliments Nora, and Nora stops Bo from attacking Eddie. As a uniform ushers out Eddie, Eddie makes a pass at Nora and also warns her about Inez. Nora believes that Eddie makes a good point: Inez is the perfect victim.

Bo thinks Eddie is abusive and vile, and he promises to find something that will stick. Nora points out that it’s not Bo’s job to watch Eddie, and Bo is going above and beyond because Inez has manipulated Bo out of desire. Nora is upset that their entire life is “all Inez, all the time,” and Nora doesn’t think it’s a bad idea when Bo mentions firing Inez.

Inez encounters Eddie in the squadroom. She blasts him for attacking James and vows that the boys will be safe with her from now on. Eddie taunts Inez about Bo, indicating that a rift between Bo & Nora has been created, thanks to Inez.

Bo is a hero, and although that’s something that Nora loves about him, she knows that it’s his greatest weakness and one that can and will be exploited. Still irritated, Nora is going to handle Eddie’s arraignment personally so that “we can all rescue Inez!” Inez overhears and, after Nora storms off, Inez enters Bo’s office. She has to tell him something.

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Ford wants James to see a doctor, but James insists that he’s fine; if he weren’t, his ears would be ringing. Nate and Dani stop by La Boulaie, and Starr reveals that Eddie hit James. Nate worries that Eddie will be released from jail and go in search of Inez, so he and Dani leave.

Starr receives a phone call from Statesville, informing her of Cole’s fight, and she bolts. Ford berates himself to Langston for failing James, and vows never to do that again. Ford goes to the Buchanan Mansion to ask for Clint’s help.

Nate and Dani arrive at Nate’s apartment looking for Inez, but she’s not home. Nate is embarrassed by his apartment and his abusive father, but given that Todd Manning is her father, Dani insists that she has no room to judge. Nate and Dani settle in to watch a movie.

On a plane back to Llanview, Kelly and a woman talk throughout the flight, with Kelly spilling everything about her history with her ex-boyfriend. Suddenly, Kelly fears that she’s making a big mistake. The woman insists that Kelly must take a chance if she’s to avoid regrets. Stateside, Kelly finally asks for the woman’s name; it’s Aubrey, and she’s in Llanview to see her new, but amazing boyfriend.

Joey is home because he wanted to surprise his mom on Thanksgiving, and he plans on staying indefinitely. Viki’s perturbed to recall that Echo has taken up residence in Joey’s old room. Viki fills in Joey on the Echo/Rex/Charlie saga, and Joey is irritated that Viki is allowing Rex to live on the property rent-free. Joey has plans to visit the entire family, and Viki encourages him to also see Kelly.

Natalie arrives at the airport to pick up John, but her mind plays tricks on her as the flight monitors “taunt” her about John leaving her. John surprises Natalie with a baby in his arms; Natalie is relieved to discover that John was helping a woman on the flight by watching her child. John gives Natalie a baby gift from Michael and Marcie: a teddy bear sporting an LPD shirt.

At Llanfair, Natalie runs into Joey’s arms. Joey asks if he missed John and Natalie’s wedding, but Natalie shrugs off his teasing. Once alone, John asks Natalie about considering marriage, but she shuts him down, saying that she doesn’t want to get married just because a suggestion was planted. Natalie unearths a turkey wishbone and she shares it with John.

Kelly barrels into Llanfair looking for Joey, but Viki regrets to tell Kelly that she just missed him. Aubrey is waiting in the terminal when she spots her boyfriend: Joey! Joey and Aubrey share a passionate reunion.