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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis stops by Sam’s to ask her not to set her up with Mac anymore. The intruder hides in a closet and listens. Sam tells her that she shouldn’t be hooking up with guys like Jerry Jacks, which Alexis agrees with; but she says again that she has no spark with Mac. Sam tells her that she thinks Alexis deliberately picks bad boys that she has no real future with – that she makes bad choices on purpose. Alexis leaves, the intruder sneaks out and is later seen on the phone talking to Jerry.

Suzanne lets Jax know that Sonny warned her away from meddling in his relationship with Brenda. She wants him to do something until the Balkan is caught. Jax wants to help Brenda, but Carly hates her. Suzanne lays on the guilt, basically saying that if anything happens to Brenda, it’s on Jax’ shoulders.

Jax orders Olivia to send flowers, champagne and chocolates to the penthouse for Brenda. Olivia wonders where his head is at and, after arguing with him, wonders how far he’s willing to go to save Brenda from herself. She feels he’ll be sending the wrong message and wonders how he would feel if Carly pulled this and if he is willing to lose Brenda, Carly and the kids.

Jason tosses out the possibility that Jerry is the Jack that Siobhan heard. He and Lucky fill Dante in on Jerry’s past. Dante wonders if it’s possible for Jerry to actually be the Balkan.

Sonny asks Carly not to interfere with him and Brenda, but she calmly says she has no problem with them. They head out for their date and Carly tells Spinelli that she got information that Dante manipulated Brenda into bed in 2007. This riles Spinelli up and he vows to find the truth. Carly tells him to go through all of Dante’s life and find the link to Brenda, but to keep quiet about it.

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Dante stops by Jax’ office, but Carly is there. He tells her they think the Balkan is Jerry or that Jerry is connected and wonders if Jax has heard from his brother.

Jason goes home to Sam and tells her about the possible Jerry connection. She thinks it’s far-fetched, but he’s worried that Jerry will come after her.

Sonny takes Brenda for dinner at the Metrocourt, and she wonders if the location is a test, if he’s trying to throw their relationship in Jax’ face. Sonny says he has nothing to hide. He wonders why Carly was so calm and Brenda figures that she’s up to something. Sonny complains about Spinelli,but Brenda is glowing about him. Jax horns in on the date, buying them champagne and parking himself at their table.

Michael runs into Abby at Kelly’s again. They make small talk. He mentions Thanksgiving. She brings up what happened to him and he questions what she thinks happened. She tells him that he doesn’t have to cover with her and that she likes that he’s real and honest with her.

Robin settles in at home with Patrick’s help. Maxie stops by with some stuff, but quickly leaves to give Scrubs a chance together. Patrick feels he doesn’t want to push her, so he leaves her alone to go back to the hospital. Maxie returns later and wonders why Patrick is gone. She tells Robin she needs to be nicer in order to save her marriage. Robin admits she’s not ready to work on her marriage.

Lisa does her computer confession at the hospital, instead of in the privacy of her own home. Steven catches her, but she says she’s checking her email while on break. He thanks her for her good work in the ER.

Steve is surprised to see Patrick back at work, but he explains that he didn’t want to push Robin. Liz asks about Robin and lets Patrick know that it will take a while for Robin to trust him again. Lisa shows up with a chart for Patrick and lets it drop that Robin threatened to kill her. When she leaves, Liz is surprised at her ability to play sane and Steve just wants order in his hospital again.

Later, Patrick overhears Lisa’s voice and finds Liz watching Lisa’s confession on the computer in the lounge.