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One Life to Live Recap: The Weakness In Me

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Viki: You cross me, lady, I will make your life a living hell.

Echo decides to retire for the night, but Viki says there’s a problem: Llanfair is too crowded. Viki suggests that Echo stay at Rex’s vacant loft, but Charlie says Rex gave up his lease. Viki allows Echo another night at Llanfair, but Charlie offers an open-ended invitation. Charlie asks that Viki do it for him, claiming that he put up with “a naked David Vickers” for her. When Echo hugs Viki in gratitude, Viki whispers a stern warning to a surprised Echo.

Kelly tells Rex that she was in London, and she’s decided that she needs to talk to Joey in person. She asks Rex how he’s feeling about his new family. He admits to staring at Charlie constantly, searching for similar features, but he’s not finding any. Kelly assures Rex that all of his worries are natural.

Aubrey tells Joey that she talked with an “interesting woman” from Llanview on the flight. Joey wants Aubrey to meet the family, but Aubrey wants to tread with caution; she decides that she’s going to stay at a hotel. Aubrey checks in at The Palace and she and Joey have sex. As Joey takes nude photos of Aubrey, he admits that, although he and Aubrey have only been seeing each other for a month, the relationship feels right.

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After Joey leaves, Aubrey lies in bed and makes a mysterious phone call. Kelly decides to leave a note for Joey, but as she’s writing, Joey returns home.

Nora enters Bo’s office and regretfully informs Inez and Bo that the charges against Eddie didn’t stick, and he’s now free. The three of them enter the squad room and bump into a smug Eddie, who taunts the trio. When Eddie leaves to collect his belongings, Nora wonders how Eddie knew to call the lawyer he did; Nora knows the man and he’s expensive. Having returned, Eddie and his attorney inform Bo that they’re already compiling a case for harassment. Nora jumps to Bo’s defense, and Eddie appreciates her feistiness. After Eddie leaves, Nora shudders and Inez is shaken.

Clint wonders why Ford is at the mansion. Ford needs fifty thousand dollars to pay back Eddie and get him out of Llanview. When Clint balks, Ford threatens to expose the beating Clint exacted. Clint dares Ford to prove it, knowing that no one would believe Ford over Clint; Ford thinks Inez might. Clint has a change of heart, telling Ford that he wants to help Inez. Ford is shocked that Clint has fifty thousand dollars at his immediate disposal, but he thanks Clint. Once alone, Clint thanks Ford for inadvertently giving him the necessary leverage.

Nora tells Bo that she is genuinely sorry about not being able to make a case against Eddie, but she’s positive that Inez will milk the situation. Alone in Bo’s office, Inez calls Clint, certain that Eddie’s lawyer was a gift from Clint to make a point to Inez. Bingo! Clint tells Inez about the money he gave Ford, and he reminds her that he can be her best friend or her worst enemy. Bo enters his office and asks Inez about her original talking point. Inez caves to Clint’s threats, telling Bo that she and Clint broke up.

Todd arrives at La Boulaie looking for Starr, but James informs him that Starr went to Statesville. Todd calls Ford and Nate “idiots” and insists that no one is good enough for his daughters. Todd notices James’ bruise and Todd and James end up discussing horrible fathers, though Todd doesn’t reveal his personal experience.

Todd tells James that abusive fathers make a child believe they deserve what they get. James thinks of himself as a wuss, but Todd challenges with James’ courage against Bull and Hannah. When James asks for advice, Todd reveals that if the abusive man he had known hadn’t died, Todd personally would have killed him. Todd leaves when Ford returns to La Boulaie, tossing a parting shot at James: James isn’t good enough for his daughter either. Ford tells James that he has a means to get rid of Eddie.

Dani and Nate get hot and heavy, but they are interrupted by the racy movie and decide to discuss sex. Dani tells Nate about almost sleeping with Matthew; she is happy that Matthew stopped her, knowing now that she wasn’t ready and that Matthew was the wrong boy. Nate reveals that he is not a virgin and he thinks about sex with Dani constantly, but when Dani says that she’s not ready, Nate promises to wait. Dani wants popcorn, but the Salinger home is fresh out, so Nate runs to the store. In his absence, Eddie arrives and lecherously drinks in the sight of Dani.