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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Siobhan stops by the PI office with food for Lucky. He asks her again for more details of her time with the Balkan’s men. He mentions Jerry Jacks and shows her a picture of him, but it doesn’t strike a bell with Siobhan. Agent Bates drops by looking for Lucky to help him again. Seems Ronan O’Reilly opened a safety deposit box and Bates wants him to get what’s inside. Siobhan angrily rants at him that the Balkan now knows the truth about Lucky, which puts him in danger. Bates admits that it’s a dangerous assignment and offers back up this time.

When Banks leaves, Siobhan angrily tells Lucky he can’t do this on his own and wants to go with him to help by creating a diversion. But he says he can’t do the job if he’s worried about her. Siobhan says she cares about him and they kiss, but he heads out. After he’s gone, she calls the airlines to get a flight.

Sam assures Jason that she’s perfectly safe and can take of herself. Jason wonders if she should stay with him, but she reminds him of his many guests and drop-ins. Sam says if Jerry shows up, she’ll use her gun on him. Talk turns to Brenda and Sonny, but Sam tells him that they’re adults and can handle their own stuff.

Dante asks Carly for access to Jax’ phone records to see if he’s had contact with Jerry. Carly claims she can’t help him, which frustrates Dante. Carly wonders why he feels so strongly about saving Brenda and questions whether Lulu knows how passionate he is about Brenda.

Jax and Sonny have a pissing contest over who can impress Brenda more. Jax mentions giving a donation to ASEC and questions if Sonny has. Sonny admits that Suzanne won’t accept his money, but Brenda assures him that he’s good enough to give money to the charity.

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Sonny claims that the money he gives to charity comes from his legitimate businesses, which Jax calls baloney and says that money needs to be above reproach, since it can taint the charity and destroy their reputation. Jax leaves and Brenda says she’s surprised by Sonny’s temper. Sonny claims work is at peace right now, but if she’s concerned, he’ll understand; but Brenda doesn’t care what others think .

Johnny shows up at the Star for a game with Luke. Methan arrive and Johnny is surprised to hear they got married in Vegas. They explain the story, including Edward’s offer. Tracy shows up to remind Luke that he hasn’t signed the prenup yet. Lulu arrives, looking for Dante, who’s supposed to meet her there and Tracy bad mouths him as the spawn of Sonny, which causes Johnny to declare his love for Tracy!

Dante shows up and Johnny questions, now that Methan are married and Lacey are getting married, when Lante will tie the knot, a question that seems to make Lante uncomfortable. Methan and Johnny are ready for a game, but Dante turns them down and heads out to meet his mom. Lulu sits in and watches Maya win.

Tracy is concerned about Lulu and that she’s going to be hurt by Dante, but Luke doesn’t want to butt in. Tracy replaces Lulu at the table and she and her father have a talk. Luke warns her to keep her eyes open and not to try and change him because she’ll just get burned. Lulu assures her father that she’s not ready to settle down and knows what she’s doing.

Dante heads over to his mother’s to discuss Brenda’s case and Jerry’s possible connection and asks if she’s seen any calls between Jerry and Jax, but she believes Jax cares enough about Brenda to protect her even from his brother. Olivia wonders why Dante’s all freaked out and he admits that he got all caught up in guarding Brenda and being the hero, but that he’s in love with Lulu and decides he won’t be the one to save Brenda.

Carly lets Jax know about Dante’s visit and Jerry’s connection. Jax calls his mother for information but doesn’t get any.

Sam’s on the phone, ten feet away from her gun, while an intruder stands at her door, ready to break in.

Spinelli’s concerned about Brenda’s date with Sonny, but Jason reminds him to continue finding information on the Balkan. Brenda and Sonny come home from their date, and Spinelli watches them from the door key hole as they say their goodnights and kiss.