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One Life to Live Recap: Die, Die My Darling

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Bo: I’m not gonna sleep with her, dammit!  I’m not the one that cheats!

Inez and Clint broke up. Bo reluctantly asks if he’s the reason, and Inez says yes and no. Bo is confused, but Inez placates his concerns.

Clint opens the door to Nora who informs him that she and Bo had a fight, and she blames Clint for causing her paranoia. Inez calls and tells Clint that she wants no part of his plan. Clint hangs up and tells a surprised Nora that he and Inez broke up. Inez gave him a number of reasons, but Clint believes her only reason is Bo. Nora grabs her wrap and leaves in a huff.

Nora returns to Bo’s office, and she tells him that she saw Clint, who told her that he and Inez broke up. Bo is already aware, and Nora knows that Inez immediately ran to him. Bo thinks that Nora doesn’t trust him, but Nora does; it’s Inez whom she doesn’t trust. Nora is certain that Inez will try to sleep with Bo, but she’s floored when Bo claims that he’s not the cheater in their relationship.

Bo apologizes, but it’s back-handed; Nora “drove” him to say that. Nora is wounded, realizing that Sam will always be her fault and that Bo will never, ever forget. Bo feels terrible, pulling Nora to him and insisting that he didn’t mean to say that. “But you did.” Crestfallen, Nora recoils from Bo’s touch, leaving his office as he watches her go with guilt and sadness.

Blair and Starr are at Statesville to see Cole. Starr is worried about Cole’s well-being, but she’s also concerned for James. Blair believes Starr’s response is natural, but Starr fears that her sympathy will lead to a betrayal of Cole. Blair insists that Starr needs to share her big heart with others. Starr is called in to see Cole.

James is concerned about how Ford acquired so much money. James doesn’t want Ford to risk the life he’s built, but Ford vows to protect James no matter what. A uniform arrives: Eddie has been released. James is terrified and is certain that, money or no money, they’ll only be free when Eddie is dead. Ford wonders how and when Eddie became so insane, and James blames the escalating alcoholism.

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Eddie advances towards Dani, leering and making rude comments. Nate returns and grabs Eddie, threatening him. Nate sends Dani home. Eddie taunts Nate about Dani, and Nate punches him. Inez comes home and instructs Nate to call the police. Eddie insists that he’ll beat the system again, and he advises Inez to tell Bo to back off. Inez throws out Eddie.

Tea wonders about Todd’s surprising sympathy towards James, but Todd insists that he’s not going soft. Todd tells Tea that they’ve met Eddie. Tea promises to build a case against Eddie, but Todd doesn’t think it will be effective; Eddie will be out for fresh blood. Dani comes home and reveals that she met Eddie and he said “creepy things” to her. Todd leaves on a mission.

Tea asks Dani about what really went on before Eddie arrived. Dani divulges that she and Nate discussed sex. Tea tells Dani that she is young, but this her decision to make. Dani says that she trusts Nate completely, but Tea suggests that Dani not rush into anything.

Eddie runs into Todd. Todd vows to send Eddie into a wood-chipper should Eddie make any move against Todd’s family. Inez shows up at the mansion, telling Clint that she’ll help him destroy Bo & Nora’s marriage on one condition: “you make Eddie disappear.” Nate calls Dani and he pledges to kill Eddie should Eddie hurt them.

Eddie returns to the apartment, and Ford hands him the money, telling Eddie that James’ debt is paid in full. The boys are shaken when Eddie decides that he’s not ready to leave.

Todd returns home and tells Tea that he and Eddie came to an understanding. Tea asks if Todd promised to kill Eddie; Todd smiles.

Aubrey carries on her phone call with a mystery person, saying that she likes Llanview and telling the person all about Joey. Room service arrives: flowers, chocolates, and strawberries from Joey.

Kelly and Joey share a happy reunion, and Kelly tells Joey that she was recently in London to see him. As Kelly is about to spill her feelings, Joey’s phone rings; it’s Aubrey. Suddenly, Joey hangs up because Kelly is choking on an olive. Kelly’s fine, but she’s interrupted by the phone again.

Joey steps away and apologizes to Aubrey for abruptly hanging up; there was a “mishap”. Aubrey thanks Joey for her gift. Joey asks Kelly to lunch the following day because he has “something important” to discuss with her. Kelly’s excitement grows as she mistakenly believes Joey shares her same feelings.