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Thom Racina Reveals Struggles to Tell an AIDS Storyline in Daytime

One of the most prolific and successful writers in daytime history, Thom Racina (General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Another World, Generations, Santa Barbara, The Young and the Restless), spoke toWe Love Soaps for World AIDS Day on Wednesday. Racina shared the difficulties he faced in finally getting a story about AIDS on daytime. Among the items he discussed in the interview was how he managed to get executive producers Ken Corday and Al Rabin to sign off on an AIDS storyline about a gay man for Days of Our Lives, but network exectuive Brian Frons nixed it.


WE LOVE SOAPS TV: NBC seemed to have taboo against telling socially relevant storylines on all their shows since the 1970s. With ANOTHER WORLD you had the additional conservatism of Procter & Gamble.

Thom Racina: But that was the shock for me. I had really worked on Ken Corday [at DAYS] and Al [Rabin], trying to get them to just listen to me tell them about the kind of story we could do. And they did listen to me explain it. Of course I wanted to do a gay story. It was still called the “gay disease” in 1984, even though it was a few years after we learned that it was spreading and it was not just a gay thing. I finally won them over to my side. But no one beyond that would allow it. The network just flat out turned it down every time I brought it up. And I brought it up a lot. I was very passionate about it.

To learn more of the struggles Racina faced in finally getting to  telling his groundbreaking AIDS featuring the character of Dawn Rollo on Another World, click here.

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