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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Blasts Republicans Over Child Nutrition Bill

I may need to have my eyes and ears checked. The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck called out Rebublicans for blocking the Child Nutrition Bill. Her BFF Sarah Palin is of course against "Big Government" making decisions abut what kids eat at school, however La Hasselbeck proved she's capable of thinking for herself by accusing her party of playing dirty pool on the issue. Watch the clip after the jump!

It never ceases to amaze me how people like Palin want the government to stay out of citizens' lives, except for when used to prevent certain citizens from getting married. It's wrong for Uncle Sam to replace that Twinkie Lil' Susie is about to scarf down with a pear, but it's okie dokey smokey for him to deny his gay and lesbian nieces and nephews the right to get married? Oh yeah, that's a "state's rights" issue, you know, like slavery and stuff.


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