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Even All My Children's Cameron Mathison Isn't Sold on Rylee Reboot!

Looks like fans aren't the only ones having trouble with the manufactured Rylee reunion on All My Children. Heartthrob Cameron Mathison (Ryan)recently took to the pages of ABC Soaps In Depth to admit he himself doesn't know what to make of his character being paired up with Rebecca Budig's Greenlee yet again.


"It's vey tricky," admits Mathison, who's heard from many fans how unhappy they are about his alter ego's decision to pull a romantic switcheroo. "I really thought that Ryan and Madison's [connection] had something really interesting about it, and on paper, it just looks like I'm a jerk to Madison! I mean, she's just so awesome...she's amazing. But I also think that Ryan and Greenlee are meant to be together. So I guess I'm split, too."

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Sorry Cam-Sizzle, but all Ryan and Greenlee together are meant to do is be fast-forwarded right on offa my TV! I am a fan Ryan and Greenlee—with other people—but together they are about as successful as Lindsay Lohan isat working the 12 steps.

Mathison went on in the article to reveal Ryan's aborted pairing with Stephanie Gatschet's Madison reminded him of his character's best romantic pairing ever, with one Princess Gillian Maria Eugenia Andrassy (Esta TerBlanche)! Now I don't know if I would drive my car down that particular street at the corner of Sacrilege Lane and What You Talkin' About, Willis? Blvd., but I did think Radison had much more potential than another six month stab at painfully watching Mathison and Budig attempt to create chemistry where even Stevie Wonder can see there is none. Seriously Fronsie, let this one go!