General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Brenda’s going on another date with Sonny, but Jason doesn’t want her going out. He explains Jerry to her. As Sam’s leaving her apartment, and locking the door, she notices her lock has been scratched and calls Jason over. Jason calls over Spinelli to babysit Brenda while he heads out to Sam’s.

Dante lets Sonny know about the possible problem with Jerry and that Jax will want to protect his brother. Sonny doesn’t think Jax will sacrifice Brenda or Carly, but promises he’ll take care of Brenda and that Dante’s role is to keep her safe.

Matt’s upset that Lisa’s confession is all over the internet for everyone to see. Patrick accuses Lisa of spreading lies, but she says since she didn’t use names, he can’t sue her. Patrick’s angry that the confession makes Robin look like she’s the crazy one.

Patrick wonders if he should tell Robin about the website, but Matt feels it would be playing into Lisa’s hands, since she likes the drama. When Robin shows up, Patrick does tell her, and she looks up the website and watches the video.

Lisa runs into Nikolas and claims that she loves being in the ER. She tells him she doesn’t want to dwell on Patrick and Robin anymore and wants to focus on her blessings. The two walk into the hospital, as Robin is watching the video. Robin confronts Lisa and Nikolas takes Lisa’s side, saying she’s not being rational.

Lulu comes looking for Luke but gets Tracy instead. They discuss Luke, and Lulu assures her that he does love Tracy. Tracy tells her to dump Dante, but Lulu’s not changing her mind about him. Tracy asks her to be her maid of honour and Lulu accepts. After Tracy leaves, Lulu and Luke talk about love and Luke says he and Tracy are working on their trust issues. Lulu says she trusts Dante with her life, but Luke tells her not to. Sort of a strange thing for a father to say, and then not get a follow up scene.

Carly lets Jax know that she’s invited Lady Jane, figuring she’ll know how to find Jerry. Jax gives Jerry the benefit of the doubt, saying maybe he isn’t working with the Balkan, but he doesn’t really believe it.

Jax stops by the PCPD to talk to Dante and assure him that he’ll do whatever it takes when it comes to making sure Jerry doesn’t hurt anyone. Dante thinks Jax will find it difficult to dismiss the familial loyalty.

Lady Jane arrives (man, those flights from Australia are fast!) and Carly tells her that Brenda is in town. Jane has glowing respect for Carly but hates on Brenda and assures her that she will discuss things with Jax. When Jax arrives, Jane starts in on his feelings for Brenda, but Jax stops her by saying Brenda’s in trouble.

Michael and Kristina hang out at the apartment to study and Kristina says she’s envious of Michael’s laid back life, living with Dante. She’s stressed out about getting good enough grades to get into Yale, somewhere he figures he won’t get into. She wants to work hard so that she’ll forget what happened last year. Kris tells him about Taylor and how they’re more than friends, even though they aren’t dating. She asks him about Allie and says they had lots in common. But Michael’s not interested in Allie and says that he’s been through things that most people don’t understand. He admits things are better now and she tells him he should apply to Yale with her.

With Jason gone, Brenda does everything to convince Spinelli to let her leave, claiming to be tired of being cooped out and how she’ll be totally safe with Sonny, but he’s decided she and Sonny are going to eat in, and Max and Milo show up with preparations.

Sonny stops by the Star to see Luke, but Tracy’s not happy to see him and refuses his money. She tells him that it’s his fault her family is all but completely gone and she storms out. Sonny asks Luke to use the Star for his date. But when he goes to pick up Brenda, he finds out they’re eating in and are served by Max, Milo and Spinelli.

Jason inspects Sam’s lock, admits that someone was there and worries about her. He figures Jerry is stalking her because he has unfinished business with her. Sam assures him again that she can take care of herself, so he leaves. Later on, Sam’s walking along the pier, talking on the phone when someone grabs her, but Jason comes out of the shadows, ready to get “Jerry”.