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One Life to Live Recap: Suspicious Minds

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Starr:  She’s saying that everything that happened with Cole was because I fell out of love with Cole and in love with you!

Starr confronts Todd about tricking her into signing the restraining order against Marty. Todd is pleased with himself, but Starr says that Marty was snowed by Hannah like everyone else. Todd is convinced that Marty will do anything to get at Todd, but Starr tries to remind him that not everything is about Todd.

At the diner, Marty thanks John for everything and she gives him a present: the gift-wrapped paternity results. John is about the open the gift when Starr interrupts, apologizing for the court order and telling Marty that Todd tricked Starr.

Starr is baffled when Marty insists that Hannah never would have acted out if Starr hadn’t pushed Cole toward Hannah by falling in love with James. Marty believes that Cole shot Eli because Starr drove him to it. James arrives as Starr, shocked, walks out. Starr tells James that Marty is completely irrational.

Rex visits Kelly at the Sun. She tells him that after seeing Joey, she’s even more certain of her feelings. Rex reveals that he’s looking for work and Kelly tells him to ask Todd; she’s headed to the Palace. Todd hires Rex to dig up dirt on Marty and prove Marty’s instability. Todd also wants Rex to investigate one other matter: Eddie Ford.

At the Palace, Kelly and Aubrey are surprised to see each other. Aubrey asks about “the guy” and Kelly reveals that she saw him, but before she could divulge her feelings, she choked on an olive. Aubrey reveals that she’s meeting her boyfriend’s family and she’s nervous. Believing that Kelly is “so put together,” Aubrey asks Kelly to help her impress the family.

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Dorian plans to ply Echo with mimosas. Dorian assuages Echo’s suspicions by apologizing and insisting that they are “a lot alike.” Dorian offers Echo a room at La Boulaie, but Echo declines. Dorian says that Echo thrilled Charlie when she gave him a child. When Echo divulges that she didn’t want to name Charlie as Rex’s father, Dorian asks if that’s because Clint is the real father.

At the boys’ apartment, when Inez asks about Eddie, James and Ford are surprised to realize that he’s gone. Ford and Inez both reveal their cryptic distrust of Clint, and they encourage each other to avoid him. Inez can’t because, like Ford, she’s doing what she must to protect James.

Clint has summoned Eddie to the mansion. Eddie is surprised when Clint gives him a briefcase containing a large amount of cash, a gun, and a mysterious errand. Eddie hides when Bo arrives.

Bo tells Clint that he said something stupid during a fight with Nora, but Bo insists that he loves his wife and is happily married. Bo promises that he has done nothing to encourage Inez, and Clint believes Bo. Bo leaves, and Eddie returns, musing about Bo and Nora’s problems, as Clint vows that things will get worse.

Bo shares a reunion with Joey, who says he just saw Nora at Llanfair. Joey tells Bo that Nora seemed upset, and Bo races off. Joey goes into the mansion, hugging an overjoyed Clint and telling his father that he has important news to be revealed later at the Palace. Joey notices Eddie, but shrugs it off.

Alone, Clint muses to Asa’s picture that Asa would be proud; Clint is doing what’s necessary to protect the family. Inez arrives and demands to know about Eddie: Clint did what Inez asked. Clint asks when Inez will seduce Bo, but she’s certain that Bo would never cheat on Nora. Clint promises that Nora won’t be a problem.

Nora shows up at Llanfair to discuss “that woman” with Viki; Viki has her own to discuss. Nora rants and realizes that she hates the woman she’s becoming because of Inez. Joey interrupts, giving Nora a hug and apologizing for missing the wedding, certain that “some couples just belong together.” Joey leaves and Nora tells Viki that Bo threw Sam in her face. Viki is shocked, and Nora takes issue with the fact that at “the first sign of trouble, he went right back there.” Nora reveals that she slept at her office and she’s avoiding Bo’s calls because she can’t forgive him if if he can’t respond in kind.

Nora’s horrified when Viki says that at least Inez isn’t Nora’s houseguest. Viki’s exasperation grows as she details how if she speaks up, she immediately looks like the bad guy, and Nora’s in complete agreement. The women blurt in unison that they can’t say anything, but they also can’t back off because they’re right. No matter their true intentions, Echo and Inez are unacceptably causing trouble. As Nora leaves, she cautions Viki against letting things with Charlie get to such a low point like Nora has done with Bo.

Outside Llanfair, Nora’s phone rings; it’s a determined Bo calling. Nora is ready to talk and about to answer, when a gloved hand snakes around her mouth from behind.