General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Brenda and Sonny continue to enjoy their meal, but not the company that comes with it. Spinelli interrupts with his usual babble, which irritates Sonny (and me), who explodes and orders them all to get out but to leave the food.

Jane warns Jax not to chase after Brenda, but he says Jerry’s the threat and that he needs to find him. When Carly arrives, Jane admits she spoke with Jerry since he sent her a music box on her birthday, from Bulgaria. Jax realizes that’s a connection to the Balkan, but Jane insists there’s nothing that connects Jerry to Brenda and that he wouldn’t hurt her. Carly claims that Jerry would manage to convince himself of whatever he needed to to get his way. Jane begs Jax not to cause Jerry any harm if it comes to it.

Jax wonders how his mother can think he would protect Jerry, since he knows what Jerry’s capable of. Carly offers to help him find Jerry, but he wants to do it all on his own. She questions whether he’s doing it for Jerry or for Brenda.

Ronnie wonders about the cold case Dante’s interested in, and Dante lets him know that there’s a connection to the Balkan. Dante insists that he can’t wait for it to all be over, so he can stop protecting Brenda and she can go back to Rome. Me thinks the man doth protest too much.

Jason forces the man to turn around. They realize he isn’t Jerry and question him. He says he was hired by Jerry to grab Sam and wait for further instructions. Before they can get any more information from him, someone shoots him and Jason returns fire. They summon Dante and let him know what happened. Jason says he checked out the place he shot at and found blood.

Robin apologizes to Nikolas for making a scene. Nikolas tells her she needs to find a way to work with Lisa, but Patrick reminds them all that Lisa should be down in the ER and not on the surgical floor, so she leaves. Nikolas insists that he’s not taking Lisa's side and, as head of the board, must remain impartial. Robin tells him to check out the internet. He says Robin can’t control Lisa’s actions, but she can control her reaction to it. Therapy gets brought up, but Robin refuses to go, since she feels it will be just one more thing for Lisa to use against her. Patrick offers to go to therapy with her and work on the marriage, but she says she’s not sure she wants to work on the marriage.

Lisa shows up again and Nik commends her for handling everything so gracefully. She claims she wants her life back and to put everything behind her.

Ethan’s pouring himself a drink when a bleeding Johnny shows up at his place. And color me shocked, because I was not expecting Johnny to be the one that Jason shot, unless that’s a total red herring and Johnny got it from someone else. Johnny asks Ethan to get him a doctor, and I totally expected him to call Maya. Color me shocked a second time when Ethan shows up at the hospital, interrupting Nik and Lisa’s conversation, pretending he’s got a hot date with Lisa,. She appears confused, until he mentions Johnny’s name and she catches on. Nik questions Ethan’s marital status, but he says Maya’s fine with it and leaves with Lisa.

Nik heads over to Scrubs to let them know that they might have caught a break since Lisa is now diverted by dating Ethan. Which comes as shocking news to Maya.

Ethan and Lisa find Johnny bleeding on the couch and both ask questions, but Johnny’s not giving any answers. Ethan gets what little supplies they have and leaves. Lisa asks what happened, but Johnny tells her it’s not a good idea for him to tell her and give her that power over him. He tells Lisa to patch him up or he’ll go to the chief of staff and let him know about the syringe incident and that he still has it. Lisa asks him if she’s such a threat, why he thinks it’s a good idea to blackmail her in his condition. She mentions that she could lose her license and, if he dies, Ethan knows she was there. He tells her to fix it.

Mac shows up on the scene and, at first, is not interested in whatever Balkan story Dante’s going to tell him, until Dante mentions Jerry’s name. Mac gets angry and lets Dante know that, if he has a chance, to make sure Jerry doesn’t walk away this time.

Dante meets up with Sam and Jason and lets them know Mac’s reaction. Sam points out that Jerry might have changed his face again and will be difficult to find.

Jax is on the phone, looking for Jerry, when Mac walks in and lets Jax know that if he’s hiding his brother, he’ll be charged with accessory. Jax swears he doesn’t know how to find Jerry. Mac wonders what would have made Jerry come back to PC.

Jax meets with Suzanne and asks her if she’s seen Jerry, adding that he’s lethal and to call him immediately if she sees him. She questions what else he isn’t telling her and he admits that Jerry is his brother, but their connection will not stop Jerry from going after Brenda.

Sonny and Brenda want to leave the penthouse, but Jason calls, lets them know they have proof that Jerry’s involved and after Brenda. So the two head up to Brenda’s room and reminisce again, and blah, blah, blah. I had to fast forward.

Max, Milo and Spinelli return to the penthouse and think BraSon have taken off, so M&M head off to find them. Carly shows up and Spin tells her he can’t help her right now because he’s worried about Brenda’s safety. She tells him the best way to get Sonny away from Brenda is to tell him about her relationship with his son, so Spin swears to find the truth.

BraSon are unaware of everything going on as they start making out and that’s our lame cliffhanger Friday.