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One Life to Live Recap: Call Me When You're Sober

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Dorian: In vino veritas. Or, in this case, mimosa veritas.

Before Dorian can glean more information from Echo, a visitor stops by the table: “Joe.” Dorian and Joey chat, and Joey realizes that Echo’s the woman causing trouble for Viki and Charlie. Joey tells Dorian that he will be in touch.

Charlie enters Llanfair, asking an annoyed Viki where Echo is. Charlie clarifies: he has a toolbox for Shane that will be from Echo for Christmas. Viki is pleased to see Charlie’s excitement over being a grandfather, and Charlie thanks Viki for her understanding.

When Inez tries to be realistic about Clint’s plan, Clint blasts her and insists that Bo and Nora won’t reunite anytime soon. Clint’s cryptic words unnerve Inez, as she fears for Nora and even Eddie. Inez is offended when Clint treats her like a prostitute; she hates this, but Clint orders her to go “comfort Bo.” Eddie arrives and Clint wants to be certain that Eddie didn’t hurt Nora. Clint instructs Eddie to send a specific message in “one hour” when Clint’s alibi is airtight.

Charlie and Viki arrive at the Palace and are horrified to see Echo so drunk. Charlie takes Echo home. Viki lambastes Dorian for her “great plan”; it’s not working. Clint arrives and Dorian teases him about his break-up. Viki asks Dorian to drop her investigation, and Dorian appears to agree.

At Llanfair, Charlie and Echo commiserate about “old demons,” and Charlie advises Echo not to trust Dorian. Echo pulls Charlie into a kiss as Dorian watches from the patio.

Kelly and Aubrey are convinced they were meant to meet, especially when they realize they attended the same boarding school. Aubrey owes Kelly, so she insists that Kelly raid Aubrey’s closet. As Kelly is changing, Joey arrives. Aubrey asks Kelly to meet her boyfriend, but Kelly declines; she’s not presentable. Aubrey and Joey leave. Kelly sees the card from Aubrey’s boyfriend and notices another coincidence: they both like men whose names begin with “J”.

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Clint calls Viki “the best woman in the world,” and he promises that Echo cannot hurt Viki and Charlie. Joey arrives with Aubrey and introduces her to his parents as the woman he’s going to marry.

At the diner, Bo leaves Nora a message, apologizing for being an idiot. At various points, Bo asks Inez, John, and someone at the station if they’ve seen Nora; no one has.

Rex informs Gigi that Todd is paying him to watch Marty. They discuss Shane’s Christmas list, but they are so grateful that he’s healthy, they want to give him everything. Rex says that Todd also wants him looking into Eddie Ford. Bo overhears Eddie’s name and he encourages Rex to dig up everything possible and bring it to Bo, even if it’s outside Bo’s jurisdiction. Rex is surprised, and Gigi muses that Eddie sounds personal to Bo.

Marty tells John to rip open the gift, but Bo interrupts before John can. Bo inquires about Cole, and he’s amazed that John was able to pull a favor with the Statesville Warden. Bo and Marty agree that John is a good friend.

Bo confides in John that he and Nora had a big fight and Bo went to the worst place possible. John tells Bo, “It took you and Nora a long time to get back together; it’s gonna take more than one fight to tear you apart.” John takes a call and Inez sits down, telling Bo that he’s been a good friend and she wants to return the favor.

John and Marty get back to the present, but in a flash of conscience, Marty stops him. She tells John to “wait and see,” and she insists that she will one day repay his favor. On her way out, Rex pickpockets her glove. He surprises Marty outside, and she drops the gift. Rex picks it up, commenting that it feels empty. Marty is annoyed, but thanks Rex when he returns her glove. Rex and Gigi agree that Marty is giving off a weird vibe.

When she comes to, Nora is confused to find herself in a motel room, tied to a chair, and facing a gun-toting Eddie. Unsettled, she wonders why Eddie has kidnapped her. He tapes her mouth shut and leaves to run an errand. Nora struggles, but eventually, she hops her chair toward the door. When she hears Eddie returning, she tries to hop back, but Eddie catches her.

Eddie instructs Nora to use her “inside voice” as he rips off the tape. He takes some prescription pills as Nora asks him how she can help him; Eddie’s never heard that from a woman before. Eddie informs Nora that Bo has left her three messages, and she smiles, but it fades when Eddie reveals that “she” sent Bo a message.

Bo gets a text from “Nora” claiming that she’s still furious and she doesn’t know if she can forgive him. Bo is devastated.