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One Life to Live Spoilers: Aubrey Confronts Kelly About Viki's Baby Boy!

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A kidnapping, a boxing match and a proposal rock the city of Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of December 6!


Joey/Aubrey/Kelly: Joey happily tells his parents he is going to marry Aubrey. Joey's happiness is short-lived when Aubrey turns down his proposal. Meanwhile, Kelly prepares herself to admit her true feelings to Joey. Kelly comes upon Joey alone with a diamond ring and begins to think it's for her. Kelly eventually gets the picture and lies to Joey telling him she and Kevin are getting back together.

At the same time, Aubrey runs into Ford whom she is very familiar with from Europe. It turns out the two slept together. Later on, Aubrey asks Kelly if she plans on trying to ruin her relationship with Joey. How will Kelly respond to Aubrey's question?

Dorian/Charlie/Echo/Viki: Dorian sees Charlie and Echo kissing and high tails it out of there before anyone sees her. Charlie pulls away from Echo and tells her what Viki doesn't know can't hurt her. However, Charlie's plan to keep the kiss a secret is ruined when Dorian spills the beans to Viki. Viki gives Charlie a chance to tell the truth about his kiss with Echo. Will Charlie confess or continue to lie about the kiss?

John/Natalie/Marty/Rex: John tells Natalie about his visit with Marty and the gift she gave him but took back. Meanwhile, Rex breaks into Marty's house and finds a copy of Natalie's paternity test. Rex takes the results and goes to visit Natalie to get down to the bottom of the situation. Natalie has no choice but to tell Rex the truth about her baby's paternity. Rex gives the results to Natalie and tells her where he found them. Rex leaves and gets the opportunity to search Eddie's motel room.

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Natalie's interest is peaked and she goes to see Marty. She finds Marty and confronts her about the paternity results. The two ladies have it out and Natalie feels the urge to tell John the truth. Before Natalie can get the words out, John asks her to marry him. Will Natalie accept John's proposal?

Ford/James: Eddie throws Ford a bone and agrees to leave town if he fights him in a ten round boxing match. Ford accepts the challenge. Later, Ford takes boxing lessons from Cristian while James steals Eddie's gun. Eddie has explicit instructions from Clint forfeit his fight with Ford but fights back when Ford cleans his clock. Will Ford be able to win the fight and get rid of his father?

Matthew/Clint: Matthew floors Clint when he reveals that he knows he's Rex's father. Clint confesses to Matthew that he is indeed Rex's father. Matthew gets ready to tell Bo the truth about Clint, however Clint has other ideas. Clint gets inside of Matthew's head and leads him to think that Nora is cheating on Bo with Eddie. Later, Matthew sees a drugged Bo in an embrace with Inez. How will Matthew handle what he sees?

Bo/Nora/Eddie: Bo gets a text from "Nora", but in reality Eddie sent the message. Bo thinks Nora is still angry with him and has no idea she is in danger. Eddie plays more mind games with Nora. Nora does her best to escape Eddie's hideaway but is unsuccessful. Eddie isn't pleased about the escape attempt and tells Nora that he will get physical with her if it happens again. Still clueless, Bo shows up at Inez's to give her the latest on Eddie's location. Will Bo be able to get to Nora in time?

Inez: When Inez learns that Clint didn't make Eddie leave town, she tries her hardest to wiggle her way out of sleeping with Bo. However, Clint isn't having it and she must go through with her part of the deal. Inez gets some anti-anxiety pills from Marty to ease her nerves for when she beds Bo, but gets a better idea. Inez decides to use the pills to drug Bo to get him to sleep with her. Inez goes through with her idea to drug Bo. Will Inez be successful in her plan to sleep with Bo?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (December 13):

  • Clint blackmails Inez.
  • Eddie gets his comeuppance.
  • Rex is seriously wounded.
  • Viki confronts Echo.
  • Viki agrees to team up with Dorian.
  • Bo looks for Nora.