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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Is Whip Turning into Ric Lansing?!


Whip/Taylor/Ridge/Brooke/Thomas:  When Taylor blurts out the wrong name in the throes of passion, Mr. Jones secretly vows revenge! He decides since Ridge wants to screw with his marriage, he will do the same to his! Whip decides to  cause a little drama at the Taboo fashion show in order to cause tension in Ridge and Brooke's marriage.

The aftermath of Whip's prank leads to a photo going on the web which causes Ridge's to blow his top! Thomas and Brooke try to get him to chill, while Taylor flips her lid over the scandalous pic . Brooke decides to take herself off the Taboo campaign in order for the chaos to stop. Meanwhile, Whip starts plotting against Ridge even more. Is that you Ric Lansing from General Hospital?

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